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Effect of diffusion time on liver DWI: An experimental study of normal and fibrotic liversZhou, IY; Gao, DS; Chow, AMK; Fan, S; Cheung, MMH; Ling, C; Liu, X; Cao, P; Guo, H; Man, K; Wu, EX201331
Bilateral substantia nigra and pyramidal tract changes following experimental intracerebral hemorrhage: an MR diffusion tensor imaging studyFan, S; Lee, FY; Cheung, MMH; Ding, Y; Yang, J; Ma, SJ; Khong, PL; Wu, EX201233
Analysis of effect of short diffusion time in diffusion kurtosis imaging using oscillating gradientCheung, MMH; Ho, LC; Ding, AY; Lau, C; Wu, EX201288
Effect of diffusion time on liver DWIGao, DS; Qiao, Z; Cheung, MMH; Chow, AMK; Fan, S; Man, K; Wu, EX2012100
Profiling wallerian degeneration in ipsilateral pyramidal tract after experimental intracerebral hemorrhageFan, S; Lee, FYH; Cheung, MMH; Qiao, Z; Wu, EX201269
Amplitude modulation frequency and Duty Cycle Processing in the Auditory System: an fMRI investigationCheng, JS; Gao, PP; Lau, C; Zhang, JW; Cheung, MMH; Zhou, IY; Wu, EX201278
Increasing diffusion time improves in vivo DWI sensitivity to liver fibrosisGao, DS; Yang, J; Cheung, MMH; Chow, AMK; Fan, S; Man, K; Wu, EX201275
fMRI study of sound pressure level processing in the Central Auditory SystemZhang, JW; Lau, C; Cheng, JS; Xing, KK; Zhou, IY; Cheung, MMH; Wu, EX201287
Noninvasive fMRI investigation of interaural level difference processing in the rat subcortexLau, C; Zhang, JW; Cheng, JS; Xing, KK; Zhou, IY; Cheung, MMH; Wu, EX201293
BOLD fMRI investigation of tonotopic changes in normal and injured auditory systemsCheung, MMH; Lau, C; Cheng, JS; Zhou, IY; Chan, KC; Zhang, JW; Wu, EX201289
Dynamic 1H-MRS revealed muscle type dependent IMCL storage at resting stateQiao, Z; Cao, P; Zhou, IY; Fan, S; Cheung, MMH; Zhang, JW; Wu, EX201282
Somatosensory-evoked potentials as an indicator for the extent of ultrastructural damage of the spinal cord after chronic compressive injuries in a rat modelHu, Y; Wen, CY; Li, TH; Cheung, MMH; Wu, EXK; Luk, KDK2011166
Functional MRI of substantia nigra upon visual flash illuminationChan, KCW; Cheung, MMH; Wu, EX2010120
Diffusion-weighted balanced SSFP (DW-bSSFP): a new approach to diffusion tensor imagingCheung, MMH; Cheung, JSC; Xiao, L; Chow, AMK; Chan, KWY; Wu, EX2010205
Functional MRI study of the visual system development in rodent modelXing, K; Chan, KCW; Cheung, MMH; Wu, EX2009111
Optimization of B-value in DTI- a Rat Brain Maturation StudyCheung, MMH; Hui, ES; Wu, EX200962
Functional MRI of visual development in rat superior colliculusXing, K; Chan, KCW; Cheung, MMH; Wu, EX2009188
In vivo diffusion tensor imaging in rat model of chronic spinal cord compressionCheung, MMH; Li, DTH; Hui, ES; Ding, AY; Hu, Y; Wu, EX2009165
Detection of brain maturation: DTI with different b-values versus diffusion kurtosis imagingCheung, MMH; Wu, EX2009557
Functional MRI of visual responses in the late stage of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathyChan, KCW; Cheung, MMH; Wu, EX2009300
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