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Interaction of the heart-specific LIM domain protein, FHL2, with DNA-binding nuclear protein, hNP220Ng, EKO; Chan, KK; Wong, CH; Tsui, SKW; Ngai, SM; Lee, SMY; Kotaka, M; Lee, CY; Waye, MMY; Fung, KP2001154
Elfin is expressed during early heart developmentKotaka, M; Lau, YM; Cheung, KK; Lee, SMY; Li, HY; Chan, WY; Fung, KP; Lee, CY; Waye, MMY; Tsui, SKW200166
Translocation of a human focal adhesion LIM-only protein, FHL2, during myofibrillogenesis and identification of LIM2 as the principal determinants of FHL2 focal adhesion localizationLi, HY; Kotaka, M; Kostin, S; Lee, SMY; Kok, LDS; Chan, KK; Tsui, SKW; Schaper, J; Zimmermann, R; Lee, CY; Fung, KP; Waye, MMY200171
Reproductive impairment of sea urchins upon chronic exposure to cadmium. Part I: Effects on gamete qualityAu, DWT; Lee, CY; Chan, KL; Wu, RSS2001144
Protein-protein interaction of FHL2, a LIM domain protein preferentially expressed in human heart, with hCDC47Chan, KK; Tsui, SKW; Ngai, SM; Lee, SMY; Kotaka, M; Waye, MMY; Lee, CY; Fung, KP200075
Geochemical and Sm-Nd isotopic study of amphibolites in the Cathaysia Block, southeastern China: Evidence for an extremely depleted mantle in the PaleoproterozoicLi, XH; Sun, M; Wei, GJ; Liu, Y; Lee, CY; Malpas, J200074
Interaction of hCLIM1, an enigma family protein, with α-actinin 2Kotaka, M; Kostin, S; Ngai, SM; Chan, KK; Lau, YM; Lee, SMY; Li, HY; Ng, EKO; Schaper, J; Tsui, SKW; Fung, KP; Lee, CY; Waye, MMY2000106
Protein-protein interaction of FHL3 with FHL2 and visualization of their interaction by green fluorescent proteins (GFP) two-fusion fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)Li, HY; Ng, EKO; Lee, SMY; Kotaka, M; Tsui, SKW; Lee, CY; Fung, KP; Waye, MMY2000122
Shoshonitic intrusive suite in SE Guangxi: Petrology and geochemistryLi, X; Zhou, H; Liu, Y; Lee, CY; Sun, M; Chen, C2000108
Characterization of a brain-specific nuclear LIM domain protein (FHL1B) which is an alternatively spliced variant of FHL1Lee, SMY; Li, HY; Ng, EKO; Or, SMW; Chan, KK; Kotaka, M; Chim, SSC; Tsui, SKW; Waye, MMY; Fung, KP; Lee, CY1999125
Characterization of the human 36-kDa carboxyl terminal LIM domain protein (hCLIM1)Kotaka, M; Ngai, SM; GarciaBarcelo, M; Tsui, SKW; Fung, KP; Lee, CY; Waye, MMY199998
Severe aplastic anemia in children - a report from HKPHOSGLau, YL; Shing, MK; Lee, CW; Ling, SC; Luk, CW; Lee, CY; Li, CK; Ha, SY; Yuen, HL; Chan, GCF; Chik, KW; Wong, KW; Lai, DH; Lee, TL; Yuen, PMP199873
Chromosomal mapping of a skeletal muscle specific LIM-only protein FHL3 to the distal end of the short arm of human chromosome 1Lee, SMY; Tsui, SKW; Chan, KK; Kotaka, M; Li, HY; Chim, SSC; Waye, MMY; Fung, KP; Lee, CY199861
Treatment of childhood ALL in Hong KongLi, CK; Ha, SY; Yuen, HL; Lee, CW; Li, CK; Shing, MK; Chik, KW; Chan, GCF; Luk, CW; Wong, KW; Ling, SC; Lee, CY; Lau, YL; Yuen, PMP199859
Chromosomal mapping, tissue distribution and cDNA sequence of Four-and-a-half LIM domain protein 1 (FHL1)Lee, SMY; Tsui, SKW; Chan, KK; GarciaBarcelo, M; Waye, MMY; Fung, KP; Liew, CC; Lee, CY199855
Mapping of the human cysteine-rich intestinal protein gene CRIP1 to the human chromosomal segment 7q11.23GarciaBarcelo, M; Tsui, SKW; Chim, SS; Fung, KP; Lee, CY; Waye, MMY199853
Velo-cardio-facial syndrome, schizophrenia at chromosome 22q11Chow, LY; Waye, MMY; GarciaBarcelo, M; Chiu, HFK; Fung, KP; Lee, CY199869
Assignment of the human 14-3-3 epsilon isoform (YWHAE) to human chromosome 17p13 by in situ hybridizationLuk, SCW; GarciaBarcelo, M; Tsui, SKW; Fung, KP; Lee, CY; Waye, MMY199739
Klebsiella infection: a common complications in patients with transfusion dependent thalassaemiaHa, SY; Cheung, RWK; Chan, GCF; Chiu, DCC; Luk, CW; Lee, CY; Yuen, KY; Lau, YL1997112
Mapping of the human ribosomal large subunit protein gene RPL29 to human chromosome 3q29-qterGarciaBarcelo, M; Law, PTW; Tsui, SKW; Fung, KP; Lee, CY; Waye, MMY199747
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