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The role of kinematic information in movement prediction and deceptionAbernethy, B; Jackson, R; Wang, C2010132
Physical collisions and injury during professional rugby league skills trainingGabbett, T; Jenkins, D; Abernethy, B2010113
The resilience of natural interceptive actions to refractive blurMann, DL; Abernethy, B; Farrow, D2010101
Falls history and perception of the steepness of stairs by community-dwelling older adults in Hong Kong: The roles of movement-specific reinvestment and falls efficacyWong, WL; Masters, RSW; Abernethy, AB; Maxwell, JP201082
The perception of deception: the role of kinematic and other information in detecting deceptive intent within movementsAbernethy, B; Jackson, RC; Wang, C2010150
A novel training tool for batters to watch the ballMann, D; Abernethy, B; Farrow, D201090
Process-oriented evaluation of fundamental movement skills in children with cerebral palsyCapio, CM; Sit, CHP; Abernethy, B2010156
A visual manipulation used to examine the neural processing underpinning skilled interceptive movementsMann, DL; Abernethy, B; Farrow, D2010161
Skill acquisition in sportMasters, RSW; Abernethy, AB201082
Physical activity measurement instruments for children with cerebral palsy: A systematic reviewCapio, CM; Sit, CHP; Abernethy, B; Rotor, ER2010152
Process-oriented evaluation of fundamental movement skills in children with cerebral palsyCapio, CM; Sit, HP; Abernethy, AB201086
Game-based training for improving skill and physical fitness in team sport athletes.Gabbett, T; Jenkins, D; Abernethy, AB2009202
The effects of aging and cognitive impairment on on- and off-line motor learning.Yan, JH; Abernethy, AB; Li, H2009208
Developmental influences on the acquisition of tactical decision-making expertiseBerry, J; Abernethy, B2009119
An in-situ examination of the timing of information pick-up for interception by cricket batsmen of different skill levelsMüller, S; Abernethy, B; Reece, J; Rose, M; Eid, M; McBean, R; Hart, T; Abreu, C2009174
Sensitivity to fine-grained and coarse visual information: The effect of blurring on anticipation skillJackson, RC; Abernethy, B; Wernhart, S2009134
Parallels between expert movement production and expert movement prediction.Abernethy, AB; Jackson, RC; Zawi, K2009120
Increasing difficulty but not decreasing performance - maintained interception with increments in visual blur.Mann, D; Abernethy, AB; Farrow, D2009111
Preliminary study on the calibration of the actigraph for children with cerebral palsyCapio, CM; Sit, HP; Abernethy, AB200962
Invited keynote lecture presented at the annual conference of the Japanese Society for Sport Psychology. Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan.Abernethy, AB200965
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