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Determination of endogenous levels of cyclic ADP-ribose in rat tissuesWalseth, TF; Aarhus, R; Zeleznikar Jr, RJ; Lee, HC199158
ADP-ribosyl cyclase: an enzyme that cyclizes NAD+ into a calcium-mobilizing metabolite.Lee, HC; Aarhus, R199163
ADP-ribosyl cyclase: An enzyme that cyclizes NAD+ into a calcium-mobilizing metaboliteLee, HC; Aarhus, R199162
Identification of cyclic ADP-ribose-binding proteins by photoaffinity labelingWalseth, TF; Aarhus, R; Kerr, JA; Hon Cheung Lee199367
Wide distribution of an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of cyclic ADP-riboseLee, HC; Aarhus, R199363
Calcium mobilization by dual receptors during fertilization of sea urchin eggsHon Cheung Lee; Aarhus, R; Walseth, TF199375
The crystal structure of cyclic ADP-ribose.Lee, HC; Aarhus, R; Levitt, D199451
Cyclic ADP ribose activation of the ryanodine receptor is mediated by calmodulinLee, HC; Aarhus, R; Graeff, R; Gurnack, ME; Walseth, TF1994151
Magnesium ions but not ATP inhibit cyclic ADP-ribose-induced calcium releaseGraeff, RM; Podein, RJ; Aarhus, R; Lee, HC1995105
A derivative of NADP mobilizes calcium stores insensitive to inositol trisphosphate and cyclic ADP-riboseHon Cheung Lee; Aarhus, R199561
ADP-ribosyl cyclase and CD38 catalyze the synthesis of a calcium- mobilizing metabolite from NADP +Aarhus, R; Graeff, RM; Dickey, DM; Walseth, TF; Hon Cheung Lee1995103
Caged cyclic ADP-ribose. Synthesis and useAarhus, R; Gee, K; Hon Cheung Lee199564
Sensitization of calcium-induced calcium release by cyclic ADP-ribose and calmodulinHon Cheung Lee; Aarhus, R; Graeff, RM1995104
Activation and inactivation of Ca 2+ release by NAADP +Aarhus, R; Dickey, DM; Graeff, RM; Gee, KR; Walseth, TF; Hon Cheung Lee1996121
Preparation of cyclic ADP-ribose antagonists and caged cyclic ADP- riboseWalseth, TF; Aarhus, R; Gurnack, ME; Wong, L; Breitinger, HGA; Gee, KR; Lee, HC199749
Caged nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate. Synthesis and useLee, HC; Aarhus, R; Gee, KR; Kestner, T199776
Large-scale purification of Aplysia ADP-ribosylcyclase and measurement of its activity by fluorimetric assayLee, HC; Graeff, RM; Munshi, CB; Walseth, TF; Aarhus, R199782
Structural determinants of nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate important for its calcium-mobilizing activityLee, HC; Aarhus, R199759
Fluorescent analogs of NAADP with calcium mobilizing activityLee, HC; Aarhus, R199856
Thio-NADP Is Not an Antagonist of NAADPDickey, DM; Aarhus, R; Walseth, TF; Lee, HC199861
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