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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Valdez, Jessica Rae-School of EnglishNineteenth-century British literature and culture; The novel; Popular literature; Literary theory
Valin, Ivan Alexander-Department of ArchitectureUrban and environmental design at the intersections of strategy, technology, and detail
van Aalst, Jan Cornelis Wouterus-Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Teacher Education and Learning Leadership)Knowledge building; Assessment; Learning sciences
van der Wouden, Frank-Department of GeographySpatial uneven distribution of economic activities; Collaboration; Innovation; Machine Learning; Econometrics; Network Analytics
Vazquez Vazquez, Maria Mercedes-School of Modern Languages and Cultures (Spanish)
Veitch, Thomas Scott-Department of LawPolitics of domestic and international law; Critical aspects of legal reasoning; Role of law in processes of transition and its bearing on reconciliation and memory; Relations between legal concepts and political economy
Vengatesen, Thiyagarajan華俊School of Biological SciencesEnvironmental proteomics; Proteome plasticity and environmental change; Ecological and economic consequences of larval exposure to environmental stressors; Ecological developmental biology-larval metamorphosis in real world
Vince Vardhanabhuti華文思Department of Diagnostic RadiologyQuantitative Image Analysis and Radiomics; Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence; MRI Fingerprinting; Cancer Imaging -- Prostate, NPC, Liver; Longevity and Healthy Ageing
Vogt, Carl Roland傅榮朗School of Modern Languages and Culture; School of Modern Languages and Cultures (European Studies)International Relations; Diplomatic History
Walter Lam林宇恒Restorative Dental Sciences of the Faculty of DentistryArtificial Intelligence; Digital Dentistry; CAD/CAM Dentistry; Robotic Dentistry; Prosthodontics
Wan, Jennifer Man Fan温萬芬School of Biological SciencesProteomics & nutrigenomics; Chinese medicine; Antioxidants and immune function; Dietary lipids and cancer
Wan, Marco Man Ho温文灝Department of LawLaw and Literature; Law and Film; Gender, Sexuality and the Law
Wan, Qingyun万晴云Department of Chemistry
Wan, Wen Echo万雯Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School); Contemporary Marketing Centre; Institute of Behavioural and Decision ScienceInformation processing; Social Influence and consumer decision; Self-regulation
Wan, Yi万弋Department of Mechanical EngineeringChemical vapor deposition; 2D materials growth; 2D optical and electrical applications
Wan, Yuk Fai Eric尹旭輝Department of Family Medicine and Primary CareBig data research: epidemiology and pharmacoepidemiology; Risk prediction modelling; Health and health service research including cost-effectiveness analysis
Wan, Zhixi万智玺Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School); Asia Case Research CentreSupply and Value Chain Management; Platform Economics and Operations; Sourcing and Procurement Strategies in Supply Chains; Auctions and Mechanism Design; Behavioral Operations and Experimental Studies
Wang, Aihe王愛和School of Chinese (Chinese)Chinese History: Pre-Qin to Han period, Political and Cultural History, Empire; Chinese Cosmology, Medicine, and Thought; Anthropology of China: the Culture of the Body, Reinvention of Cultural Traditions; Translation Studies: Cross-Cultural Exchange and Understanding
Wang, Angela Yee Moon王依滿Cardiovascular disease in chronic kidney disease; Cardiac biomarkers research in chronic kidney disease; Vascular calcification in chronic kidney disease; Cardio-renal link in peritoneal dialysis; Residual kidney function in peritoneal dialysis; Nutrition in peritoneal dialysis
Wang, Baile王柏樂Department of Medicine