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Art therapy for demented elderly: A pilot studyMak, BSK; Woo, J; Kou, WWO; Tse, PL2009121
Art therapy for elderly people with dementia: a pilot studyMak, BSK; Woo, J; Kou, WWO; Tse, PL2009259
Association between cigarette smoking and plasma urate level in elderly Chinese (abstract and poster presentation)Deng, H; Thomas, GN; Macfarlane, DJ; Chou, KL; Cheung, BMY; McGhee, SM; Lam, TH2006223
Building rail transit at the city level: an empirical analysisLoo, BPY; Cheng, AHT2010148
Chinese breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy: role of fatigue and its influences on their quality of lifeHo, RTH; Cheung, IKM; Chan, CLW; Yip, PSF; Luk, MY; Ho, PHY201272
Chronic fatigue and burnout: a crisis of faith?Wang, X; Chan, C; Zhu, XY; Ng, SM; Chan, J2012110
Clarifying the Concept of Spiritual CapitalPalmer, DA; Wong, ML201314
Cognitive performance and psychosocial well-being of cancer patients: a preliminary studyChan, THY; Wan, AHY; Leung, PPY; Chan, CLW201221
Decentralization and marketization of education in China: challenges for migrant children and social harmonyMok, KH; Wong, YC; Guo, Y2010280
Deception, risk-taking in social interactions: an ERP studySun, D; Chan, CCH; Lee, TMC2012116
Defending Free Polling under ‘One Country, Two Systems': Lessons learnt from Hong Kong’s Polling IncidentChung, RTY200585
Democracy, Development & Disasters: The 3Ds of Opinion Research in the Transitional SocietiesChung, RTY200895
Determinants of job satisfaction of foreign domestic helpers caring for demented people in Hong KongBai, X; Kwok, T; Chan, N; Ho, F201187
The dialectics of political distrust: Hong Kong after 1997Lui, TL200997
Dietary behaviour and dental erosion symptoms of Hong Kong peopleChu, CH; Pang, KL; Yip, HK2008172
Dignity amidst the liminal space between living and dying: suffering and healing of Chinese terminal cancer patientsHo, AHY; Chan, CLW201175
A Discussion on the Role of Public Opinion Researchers in the Election of the HKSAR Chief Executive (in Chinese)Chung, RTY200790
Does censored corruption news on the Internet decrease political trust and increase demand for democracy in China?Zhu, J; Lu, J; Zhang, D201333
Does social support mean differently for cancer patients and their family caregivers? A cross-sectional study in a Chinese communityWan, AHY; Chan, THY; Chan, JSM; Leung, PPY; Chan, CLW201268
Elder-friendly employment practice: fulfilling the potential and ability of the elderlyMak, BSK201069
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