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Once Were WarriorsHeim, O200998
One Colonialism, Two Colonialisms: Teaching Heart of Darkness in Hong KongKuehn, J201254
One Day'Richards, PK200261
"Opaque rings of earth": landscape description in Conrad's Africa and AsiaBrown, David Bruce Windsor.2012285
Opposition and reconciliation in the works of J.M. Coetzee and Nadine GordimerChow, Shuk-han.; 周淑嫻.2005412
Ordinary Meaning, Change and the LawHutton, CM200766
Organic form and its discontents: the modernist critique of organicismChan, King.; 陳勁.1997211
'Orientalism' in Auden and Isherwood's Journey to a warKaiser, Timothy David.1997367
Orientalism, Linguistics and Postcolonial StudiesBolton, KR; Hutton, CM2000154
Orientalist art twice re-oriented: Margaret Murray Cookesley's Byzantine Harem PaintingsKuehn, JC2010189
Orwell's BBC broadcasts: Colonial discourse and the rhetoric of propagandaKerr, D200266
Orwell, animals, and the eastKerr, D199942
Orwell, Kipling, Empire, RaceKerr, DWF201167
Oscar Wilde and China in late nineteenth century Britain: aestheticism, orientalism, and the making of modernismDing, Xiaoyu; 丁小雨2012137
Oscar Wilde in the mirror of the work of Katherine MansfieldYip, Wai-shan.; 葉慧珊.2011264
Othering in gossip: "You go out you have a laugh and you can pull yeah okay but like..."Jaworski, A; Coupland, J2005105
"Otherness" in Conrad's Heart of darkness and Forster's A passage to IndiaSo, Mang-luen, Marilyn.; 蘇孟鸞.20043,184
''Painting the beat of the drum that beats round the world': Lady Elizabeth Butler’s Visual Empire'Kuehn, JC200987
A passage to Kowloon Tong: Paul Theroux and Hong Kong 1997Kerr, D199960
Passing three hurdles: representations of Henrik Ibsen's Nora in twentieth century Chinese theatreLau, Leung-che, Miriam.; 劉亮之.2009284
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