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Fuping complex and its significance in early precambrian crustal evolution of Sino-Korean cratonGuan, Hong; 關鴻2000278
Further composting of pig-manure disposed from the pig-on-litter (POL)system in Hong KongTiquia, Sonia M.1996300
Further development of the visual genome explorer: a visual genomic comparative toolCheng, Kai-hong.; 鄭啓航2001245
Fused though antagonistic elements: a study of Walt Whitman's paradoxical vision of lifeYu, Shiu-kong, Bartholomew.; 余紹江1985248
Fusion genes in non-small cell lung cancerWong, Wing-sze; 黃詠詩2009273
Fusion without confusion: use of Chinese traditional elements in the Holy Trinity Church at Kowloon City, HongKongFu, Yiu-lou.; 傅曉蕾.2009222
Fuzzy classification of biomedical signalsYang, Yongsheng.; 楊永生1996266
Fuzzy genetic modelling of air-conditioning systems for fault detection and diagnosisKung, Chi-yau.; 龔子游.2004186
Fuzzy logic statcom controller design with genetic algorithm application for stability enhancement of interconnected power systemsMak, Lai-on.; 麥禮安2000373
Fuzzy set theoretic approach to handwritten Chinese character recognitionChan, Kwok-ping.; 陳國評1989458
GABAergic transmission in developmental establishment of a gravity-related spatial referenceCao, Zhiwen.; 曹志文.2011106
Gadolinium (III) tetraazamacrocyclic complexes for magnetic resonance imaging contrast agentsChan, Kar-man.; 陳嘉雯.2009437
Gadolinium complexes containing polyaminocarboxylate ligands for the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agentsChan, Wai-yan.; 陳葦恩.2005509
Gadolinium complexes containing tetraazamacrocycle for magnetic resonance imaging contrast agentsChan, Ka-yan; 陳嘉恩2008527
Gage Street market: a case study exploring the unique fusion of public and private space particular to streetmarkets in Hong KongPierce, James William.2011174
Gain-scheduled PID controllers in networked control systemsLam, Lai-lan.; 林麗蘭.2009495
Gain/pain share and relational strategies to enhance value in target cost and GMP contractsMahesh, Gangadhar.2009722
Gaining from olympic games legacy on land use improvement: a study on Beijing 2008 gamesAu-yeung, Wan-man, Billy; 歐陽允文2009290
Gait analysis of normal and total knee replacement subjectsPoon, Mei-ying, Dora.; 潘美英.1997514
Galactic dark halosChan, Ka-keung, Kurt.; 陳家強1992300
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