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The relationship of pragmatic language deficits and cognitive impairments in high-functioning autismLam, Yan, Grace.; 林茵.2003229
The relationship of self-stigma and insight to social functioning in people with first episode psychosisLeung, Shing-lam; 梁聖琳201360
The relationship of stress & depression: a study among secondary students in Hong KongLeung, Ka-hung.; 梁家雄.1994293
The relationship of the pericardium to the pathogenesis of adrenaline-induced acute massive lung oedema in the dogWang, Chi-ching, James; 王紀慶1974194
The relationship of the upper anterior teeth to the incisive papilla in Cantonese adultsLau, Chi-kai, George.; 劉熾佳.1990187
The relationships among environmental attitude, locus of control, and environmental behaviour of form six students in Hong KongLai Yau, Suk-yin, Grace.; 邱淑賢.1992360
The relationships among habitual physical activity, daily eating habits, aerobic fitness and cardiovascular risk factors in Hong KongmalesWong, Pui-yi.; 黃佩儀2001308
The relationships among Hong Kong children's peer status, their attributions of peer experiences and coping strategiesChan, Yuet-wah, Katherine; 陳月華2010237
The relationships among hope, optimism, attentional bias, cancer-related rumination and psychological distress in cancer patientsHung, Suk-mei, Damaris.; 孔淑薇.2011492
The relationships between character strengths and well-being status ofcollege studentsBai, Yu; 白羽2011528
The relationships between money supply and equity priceTang, Mui-kwan, Gina.; 鄧梅君1985119
The relationships of growth with nutrition and serum growth factors inearly lifeTam, Y. M.; 譚月明.1999139
The relative age effect and the birthplace effect in the National Football LeagueCheung, Po-tak.; 張溥德.2005288
The relative effectiveness of studying English vocabulary in associated pairs and in L2 contextNg, Hiu-kin, Maggie.; 吳曉健.2004468
The relative functions of text and drawing in computer-supported collaborative problem-solvingYip, Wan-hung.; 葉韞紅.2000152
The relativistic static charged fluid sphere and viscous fluid cosmological modelMak, Man-kwong.; 麥民光1998196
The relevance of labelling theory to shoplifting: a critical assessmentNg, Wai-yee.; 吳慧儀1988437
The relevance of the development of Mass Railway Transit (MRT) railwaysystem on office decentralization phenomenon in Hong KongShum, Tsan-shing, Terry.; 沈燦城.2005211
The relevance of the religious dimension in social work practiceYoung, Gar-en.; 楊嘉恩.1999199
The relevance of visual & phonological abilities for Chinese beginningreadersHo, Suk-han, Connie1989163
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