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Bacteria in sputum of stable severe asthma and increased airway wall thicknessZhang, Q; Illing, R; Hui, CK; Downey, K; Carr, D; Stearn, M; Alshafi, K; Menzies-Gow, A; Zhong, N; Chung, KF201242
Avian influenza A (H5N1) infection in a patient in China, 2006.Chen, X; Smith, GJ; Zhou, B; Qiu, C; Wu, WL; Li, Y; Lu, P; Duan, L; Liu, S; Yuan, J; Yang, G; Wang, H; Cheng, J; Jiang, H; Peiris, JS; Chen, H; Yuen, KY; Zhong, N; Guan, Y200797
Treatment with convalescent plasma for influenza A (H5N1) infection [9]Zhou, B; Zhong, N; Guan, Y2007127
Using siRNA in prophylactic and therapeutic regimens against SARS coronavirus in Rhesus macaqueLi, BJ; Tang, Q; Cheng, D; Qin, C; Xie, FY; Wei, Q; Xu, J; Liu, Y; Zheng, BJ; Woodle, MC; Zhong, N; Lu, PY2005162
Prophylactic and therapeutic effects of small interfering RNA targeting SARS-coronavirusZheng, BJ; Guan, Y; Tang, O; Cheng, D; Xie, FY; He, ML; Chan, KW; Wong, KL; Lader, E; Woodle, MC; Lu, PY; Li, B; Zhong, N200496
Robust stabilization for stochastic time-delay systems with polytopic uncertaintiesXu, S; Lam, J; Zou, Y; Zhong, N; Gao, H; Wang, C2004347
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