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The anti-cancer agent SU4312 unexpectedly protects against MPP(+) -induced neurotoxicity via selective and direct inhibition of neuronal NOSCui, W; Zhang, Z; Li, W; Hu, S; Mak, S; Zhang, H; Han, R; Yuan, S; Li, S; Sa, F; Xu, D; Lin, Z; Zuo, Z; Rong, J; Ma, ED; Choi, TC; Lee, SM; Han, Y201355
Kinetics of serological responses in influenza A(H7N9)-infected patients correlate with clinical outcome in China, 2013Zhang, A; Huang, Y; Tian, D; Lau, EHY; Wan, Y; Liu, X; Dong, Y; Song, Z; Zhang, X; Zhang, J; Bao, M; Zhou, M; Yuan, S; Sun, J; Zhu, Z; Hu, Y; Chen, L; Leung, CYH; Wu, JTK; Zhang, Z; Zhang, X; Peiris, JSM; Xu, J201318
Combined proteomics and transcriptomics approaches reveal the mechanism of neurodegeneration in Parkinson's Disease PC12 modelLi, G; Zhang, ZJ; Yuan, S; Sa, F; Dong, ZQ; Leung, RKK; Tsui, SKW; Lam, HCY; Lee, SMY; Chu, IK201276
Unexpected Neuronal Protection of SU5416 against 1-Methyl-4-Phenylpyridinium Ion-Induced Toxicity via Inhibiting Neuronal Nitric Oxide SynthaseCui, W; Zhang, Z; Li, W; Mak, S; Hu, S; Zhang, H; Yuan, S; Rong, J; Choi, TC; Lee, SMY; Han, Y201299
Bioassay-guided fractionation combined with multivariate data analysis for discovery of neuroprotants from the fruit of Alpinia Oxyphylla Miq.Li, G; Zhang, ZJ; Yuan, S; Lin, ZX; Lee, SMY; Chu, IK201189
Precise molybdenite Re-Os and mica Ar-Ar dating of the Mesozoic Yaogangxian tungsten deposit, central Nanling district, South ChinaPeng, J; Zhou, MF; Hu, R; Shen, N; Yuan, S; Bi, X; Du, A; Qu, W2006155
Quantum well intermixing for the fabrication of InGaAsN/GaAs lasers with pulsed anodic oxidationQu, Y; Liu, CY; Yuan, S; Wang, SZ; Yoon, SF; Chan, CY; Hong, MH2004343
Temperature-dependent photoluminescence of GaInP/AlGaInP multiple quantum well laser structure grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition with tertiarybutylarsine and tertiarybutylphosphineLiu, CY; Yuan, S; Dong, JR; Chua, SJ; Chan, MCY; Wang, SZ2003352
Effects of pulsed anodic oxide on the intermixing in InGaAs/GaAs and LnGaAs/AlGaAs quantum wellsYuan, S; Liu, CY; Zhao, F; Chan, MCY; Tsui, WK; Dao, LV; Liu, XQ2003525
Anodic-oxide-induced intermixing in GaAs-AlGaAs quantum-well and quantum-wire structuresYuan, S; Jagadish, C; Kim, Y; Chang, Y; Tan, HH; Cohen, RM; Petravic, M; Dao, LV; Gal, M; Chan, CY; Li, EH; O, JS; Zorg, PS1998394
Anodic-oxide-induced interdiffusion in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wellsYuan, S; Kim, Y; Tan, HH; Jagadish, C; Burke, PT; Dao, LV; Gal, M; Chan, MCY; Li, EH; Zou, J; Cai, DQ; Cockayne, DJH; Cohen, RM1998379
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