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HKU ResearcherPage: Wu, JTK
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Dr Wu, Joseph Tsz Kei
  • Associate Professor
Contact Information
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  • 3917 6709

Joseph Wu leads the infectious disease modeling research in the HKU School of Public Health. His primary research is on influenza epidemiology and control, particularly focusing on pandemic preparedness and response. He obtained his PhD in Operations Research from MIT in 2003 and BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT in 1999. His work primarily entails developing mathematical models to assess the potential benefits and logistical requirement of influenza epidemic mitigation and surveillance strategies. Past projects include assessing the effectiveness of household-based public health interventions, optimizing prepandemic vaccine allocation, minimizing the threat of antiviral resistance, assessing the feasibility of organized convalescent plasma therapy program, and evaluating serologic surveillance for real-time estimation of severity. He also conducts sero-epidemiologic fieldwork to study influenza incidence and the correlation between conventional serologic measures (e.g. HI titer levels) and susceptibility to infection. Besides influenza, he also work on cost-effectiveness analysis of HPV vaccination and EV71 vaccination.

He is a member of the Scientific Committee for the Center for Health Protection in Hong Kong. He is an affiliated faculty member of the Center for Communicable Diseases Dynamics(CCDD) at the Harvard School of Public Health. He is the coordinator of the annual CCDD infectious disease modeling short course which aims to provide public health professionals an overview of the principles and applications of infectious disease modeling. He is an associate editor of the American Journal of Epidemiology.

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