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CMGRN: a web server for constructing multi-level gene regulatory networks using ChIP-seq and gene expression dataGuan, D; Shao, J; Deng, Y; WANG, P; Zhao, Z; Liang, Y; Wang, JJ; Yan, B201453
DDGni: dynamic delay gene-network inference from high-temporal data using gapped local alignmentYalamanchili, HK; Yan, B; Li, J; Qin, J; Zhao, Z; Chin, FYL; Wang, JJ201443
Inferring Gene Regulatory Network from Variable Delay High Temporal Data.YALAMANCHILI, HK; Yan, B; LI, J; QIN, J; Zhao, Z; Chin, FYL; Wang, JJ201322
Transcriptome-Guided Functional Analyses Reveal Novel Biological Properties and Regulatory Hierarchy of Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Ventricular Cardiomyocytes Crucial for MaturationPoon, E; Yan, B; Zhang, S; Rushing, S; Keung, W; Ren, L; Lieu, DK; Geng, L; Kong, C-W; Wang, J; Wong, HS; Boheler, KR; Li, RA201321
The B-MYB transcriptional network guides cell cycle progression and fate decisions to sustain self-renewal and the identity of pluripotent stem cellsZhan, M; Riordon, DR; Yan, B; Tarasova, YS; Bruweleit, S; Tarasov, KV; Li, RA; Wersto, RP; Boheler, KR2012111
Theoretical prediction of topological insulators in thallium-based III-V-VI2 ternary chalcogenidesYan, B; Liu, CX; Zhang, HJ; Yam, CY; Qi, XL; Frauenheim, T; Zhang, SC201079
Local vibrational excitation through extended electronic states at a germanium surfaceTomatsu, K; Nakatsuji, K; Yamada, M; Komori, F; Yan, B; Yam, C; Frauenheim, T; Xu, Y; Duan, W200968
Preparation, identification, and clinical application of anti-HBs monoclonal antibody that binds both wild-type and immune escape mutant HBsAgsLi, F; Zhang, C; Liu, J; Zhang, X; Yan, B; Zhang, B; Huang, Y; Gong, J; Chen, Y2009148
Comment on "valence surface electronic states on Ge(001)"Yan, B; Yam, C; Da Rosa, AL; Frauenheim, T200946
Ambipolar charge transport in DNA moleculesRoy, VAL; Wong, ELM; Ko, BCB; Chao, CT; Yan, SC; Yan, B; Wu, JC; Che, CM2008187
Nanocomposite field effect transistors based on zinc oxide/polymer blendsRoy, VAL; Xu, ZX; Stallinga, P; Xiang, HF; Yan, B; Che, CM2007139
Platinum(II) complexes with π-conjugated, naphthyl-substituted, cyclometalated ligands (RC∧N∧N): Structures and photo- and electroluminescenceKui, SCF; Sham, IHT; Cheung, CCC; Ma, CW; Yan, B; Zhu, N; Che, CM; Fu, WF2007240
What makes the difference? A practical analysis of research on the effectiveness of distance educationZhao, Y; Lei, J; Yan, B; Lai, C; Tan, HS200581
The PGE and base-metal alloys in the podiform chromitites of the Luobusa ophiolite, southern TibetBai, W; Robinson, PT; Fang, Q; Yang, J; Yan, B; Zhang, Z; Hu, XF; Zhou, MF; Malpas, J200094
Origin of podiform chromitites, diamonds and associated mineral assemblage in the Luobusa ophiolite, Southern TibetBai, WJ; Zhou, MF; Robison, PT; Fang, Q; Yan, B; Zhang, Z; Hu, X2000192
Avalanche multiplication and ionization coefficient in AlGaAs/InGaAs p-n-p heterojunction bipolar transistorsYan, B; Yang, ES1999412
A self-aligned structure AlGaAs/GaAs HBT's using silicon nitride sidewall techniqueYan, B; Yang, ES1999379
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