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'She has received many honours': identity in article bio statementsHyland, K; Tse, P2012421
Claiming a territory: Relative clauses in journal descriptionsTse, P; Hyland, K2010306
Tools of Government and Public Housing Policy in Hong KongTse, P2010117
Academic lexis and disciplinary practice: corpus evidence for specificityHyland, KL; Tse, P2009326
Discipline and gender: constructing rhetorical identity in book reviewsHyland, KL; Tse, P2009151
'The leading journal in its field': evaluation in journal descriptionsHyland, K; Tse, P2009331
'Robot Kung fu': Gender and professional identity in biology and philosophy reviewsTse, P; Hyland, K2008256
Is there an academic vocabulary?Hyland, K; Tse, P2007266
'So what is the problem this book addresses?': Interactions in academic book reviewsTse, P; Hyland, K2006110
Evaluative that constructions: Signalling stance in research abstractsHyland, K; Tse, P2005198
Hooking the reader: A corpus study of evaluative that in abstractsHyland, K; Tse, P2005184
Metadiscourse in academic writing: A reappraisalHyland, K; Tse, P2004221
Problem-based Learning (PBL): boasting the problem-solving performance of all or some?Lai, P; Tiwari, AFY; Tse, P199790
Developing a context-based PBL modelTang, C; Lai, P; Tang, W; Davies, H; Frankland, S; Oldfield, K; Walters, M; Leung, N; Tse, P; Taylor, G; Tiwari, AFY; Yim, M; Yuen, E1997108
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