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Localized and periodic wave patterns for a nonic nonlinear Schrodinger equationChow, KW; Rogers, C201318
Invariants in a resonant derivative nonlinear Schrödinger modelRogers, C; Malomed, B; Chow, KW201276
Localized pulses for the quantic derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equation on a continuous-wave backgroundRogers, C; Chow, KW201227
Localized pulses for quintic derivative nonlinear Schrodinger equation on a continuous wave backgroundRogers, C; Chow, KW201233
Propagating wave patterns in a derivative nonlinear Schrodinger system with quintic nonlinearityRogers, C; Malomed, B; Li, JH; Chow, KW2012112
Ermakov-Ray-Reid systems in nonlinear opticsRogers, C; Malomed, B; Chow, K; An, H201090
A resonant davey-stewartson capillarity model system: Solitonic generationRogers, C; Yip, LP; Chow, KW2009154
Propagating wave patterns for the 'resonant' Davey-Stewartson systemTang, XY; Chow, KW; Rogers, C200959
Anti–dark solitons and periodic solutions of the resonant nonlinear Schrodinger equationLai, DWC; Chow, KW; Rogers, C; Yan, Z2008136
On a capillarity model and the Davey-Stewartson I system: Quasi-doubly periodic wave patternsRogers, C; Chow, KW; Conte, R200774
A novel class of model constitutive laws in nonlinear elasticity: Construction via Loewner theoryRogers, C; Schief, WK; Chow, KW200788
Doubly periodic and multiple pole solutions of the sinh-Poisson equation: Application of reciprocal transformations in subsonic gas dynamicsChow, KW; Mak, CC; Rogers, C; Schief, WK2006154
On Tzitzéica vortex streets and their reciprocals in subsonic gas dynamicsRogers, C; Schief, WK; Chow, KW; Mak, CC2005121
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