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The effectiveness of structural interventions at suicide hotspots: a meta-analysisPirkis, J; Spittal, MJ; Cox, G; Robinson, J; Cheung, YTD; Studdert, D201324
Suicide clusters in young people: Evidence for the effectiveness of postvention strategiesCox, GR; Robinson, J; Williamson, M; Lockley, A; Cheung, YTD; Pirkis, J201247
Commercial property markets and property cycles in Chinese citiesWu, H; Wong, SK; McKinnell, KG; Reed, R; Robinson, J2009217
Structural basis of tyrosine sulfation and VH-gene usage in antibodies that recognize the HIV type 1 coreceptor-binding site on gp120Huang, CC; Venturi, M; Majeed, S; Moore, MJ; Phogat, S; Zhang, MY; Dimitrov, DS; Hendrickson, WA; Robinson, J; Sodroski, J; Wyatt, R; Choe, H; Farzan, M; Kwong, PD2004100
Broadly cross-reactive HIV-1-neutralizing human monoclonal Fab selected for binding to gp120-CD4-CCR5 complexesMoulard, M; Phogat, SK; Shu, Y; Labrijn, AF; Xiao, D; Binley, JM; Zhang, MY; Sidorov, IA; Broder, CC; Robinson, J; Parren, PWHI; Burton, DR; Dimitrov, DS200294
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