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Effect of CD8+ T Cell Depletion in Vivo on Monkeys with Chronic SHIV-KB9 InfectionWang, W; Cong, Z; Liu, H; Tao, Z; Liu, Q; Wei, Q; Chen, Z; Qin, C201190
Epithelial cells lining salivary gland ducts are early target cells of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection in the upper respiratory tracts of rhesus macaquesLiu, L; Wei, Q; Alvarez, X; Wang, H; Du, Y; Zhu, H; Jiang, H; Zhou, J; Lam, P; Zhang, L; Lackner, A; Qin, C; Chen, Z2011244
Challenge and polymorphism analysis of the novel A (H1N1) influenza virus to normal animalsBao, L; Xu, L; Zhan, L; Deng, W; Zhu, H; Gao, H; Sun, H; Ma, C; Lv, Q; Li, F; Chen, H; Zhang, L; Qin, C2010481
Rhesus angiotensin converting enzyme 2 supports entry of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus in Chinese macaquesChen, Y; Liu, L; Wei, Q; Zhu, H; Jiang, H; Tu, X; Qin, C; Chen, Z2008182
Recombinant modified vaccinia virus Ankara expressing the spike glycoprotein of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus induces protective neutralizing antibodies primarily targeting the receptor binding regionChen, Z; Zhang, L; Qin, C; Ba, L; Yi, CE; Zhang, F; Wei, Q; He, T; Yu, W; Yu, J; Gao, H; Tu, X; Gettie, A; Farzan, M; Yuen, KY; Ho, DD2005283
Using siRNA in prophylactic and therapeutic regimens against SARS coronavirus in Rhesus macaqueLi, BJ; Tang, Q; Cheng, D; Qin, C; Xie, FY; Wei, Q; Xu, J; Liu, Y; Zheng, BJ; Woodle, MC; Zhong, N; Lu, PY2005162
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