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Defect study in ZnO related structures-A multi-spectroscopic approachLing, CC; Cheung, CK; Gu, QL; Dai, XM; Xu, SJ; Zhu, CY; Luo, JM; Zhu, CY; Tam, KH; Djurišić, AB; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Lu, LW; Brauer, G; Anwand, W; Skorupa, W; Ong, HC2008542
Defect study in zinc oxide related structures – Electrical and optical characterizationGu, Q; Ling, FCC; Cheung, CK; Dai, X; Xu, SJ; Tam, KH; Djurisic, A; Wang, RS; Ong, HC; Brauer, G; Anwand, W; Skorupa, W2008224
Au/n-ZnO rectifying contact fabricated with hydrogen peroxide pretreatmentGu, QL; Cheung, CK; Ling, CC; Ng, AMC; Djurišić, AB; Lu, LW; Chen, XD; Fung, S; Beling, CD; Ong, HC2008550
Studies of oxide/ZnO near-interfacial defects by photoluminescence and deep level transient spectroscopyWang, RS; Gu, QL; Ling, CC; Ong, HC20082,424
Synthesis and Analysis of abnormal Wurtzite ZnSe nanoringsChoy, WCH; Jin, L; Leung, YP; Ong, HC; Wang, JB2007104
Hydrogen peroxide treatment induced rectifying behavior of Aun-ZnO contactGu, QL; Ling, CC; Chen, XD; Cheng, CK; Ng, AMC; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Djurišić, AB; Lu, LW; Brauer, G; Ong, HC2007216
Au/n-ZnO rectifying contacts fabricated with hydrogen peroxide pre-treatmentGu, Q; Ling, CC; Cheung, CK; Luo, J; Chen, X; Djurisic, A; Brauer, G; Anwand, W; Skorupa, W; Reuther, H; Ong, HC2007276
Synthesis and analysis of abnormal wurtzite ZnSe nanowheelsJin, L; Choy, WCH; Leung, YP; Yuk, TI; Ong, HC; Wang, JB2007238
ZnSe nanorings and its cathodoluminescenceLeung, YP; Choy, WCH; Markov, I; Ong, HC; Pang, GKH200682
Synthesis of wurtzite ZnSe nanorings by thermal evaporationLeung, YP; Choy, WCH; Markov, I; Pang, GKH; Ong, HC; Yuk, TI2006372
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