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大电网安全性评估的系统复杂性理论Cao, Y; Guo, J; Mei, S; Hou, Y201098
Blackout prevention: Managing complexity with technologyHou, Y; Mei, S; Zhou, H; Zhong, J2008137
Power system blackout model based on OTS and its self-organized criticalityXia, D; Mei, S; Hou, Y200776
A new transient stability index of power systems based on theory of stability region and its applicationsXue, A; Shen, C; Mei, S; Ni, Y; Wu, FF; Lu, Q200695
Power system dynamic Security region and its approximationsXue, A; Wu, FF; Lu, Q; Mei, S2006129
Comparison of the linear approximations for the dynamic security region of network-reduction power systemsXue, A; Hu, W; Mei, S; Ni, Y; Wu, FF; Lu, Q2006290
Power system transient stability assessment based on quadratic approximation of stability regionXue, A; Wu, FF; Ni, Y; Lu, Q; Mei, S2005335
Mother-to-child transmission and the distribution of HIV-1 genotypes in some regions of ChinaLi, GH; Chen, Z; Chen, Z; Wei, FL; Mei, S; Huang, YX; Zhang, L; Cao, YZ200430
Molecular characterization of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and hepatitis C virus in paid blood donors and injection drug users in ChinaZhang, L; Chen, Z; Cao, Y; Yu, J; Li, G; Yu, W; Yin, N; Mei, S; Li, L; Balfe, P; He, T; Ba, L; Zhang, F; Lin, HH; Yuen, MF; Lai, CL; Ho, DD2004411
Nonlinear decentralized disturbance attenuation excitation control via new recursive design for multi-machine power systemsLu, Q; Mei, S; Hu, W; Wu, FF; Ni, Y; Shen, T2001264
Viscosity solution to nonlinear H∞ controlHong, Y; Yung, S; Mei, S; Qin, H199756
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