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Osteology of the alvarezsauroid Linhenykus monodactylus from the Upper Cretaceous Wulansuhai Formation of Inner Mongolia, China, and comments on alvarezsauroid biogeographyXu, X; Upchurch, P; Ma, QY; Pittman, MD; Choiniere, J; Sullivan, C; Hone, DWE; Tan, QW; Tan, L; Xiao, D; Han, FL201334
Physiology and cell biology of acupuncture observed in calcium signaling activated by acoustic shear waveLi, G; Liang, JM; Li, PW; Yao, X; Pei, PZ; Li, W; He, QH; Yang, X; Chan, QCC; Cheung, PYS; Ma, QY; Lam, SK; Cheng, PYC; Yang, ES2011264
Neuron Activity Indicated By fMRI In Sensory Motor Cortex Induced By Specific Acupoint Stimulation.Li, G; Cheung, RTF; Ma, QY; Yang, ES200569
Challenges of HTS Volume Coil: Decoupling and Cryostat.Shen, GG; Chan, KC; Wong, KK; Yeung, SM; Lee, HK; Li, G; Mak, HY; Ma, QY; Yang, ES2005108
A high temperature superconductor tape RF receiver coil for a low field magnetic resonance imaging systemCheng, MC; Yan, BP; Lee, KH; Ma, QY; Yang, ES200571
Diffusion Tensor Imaging Predict Tissue Damage in Ischemic Stroke.Li, G; Huang, L; Cheung, RTF; Cao, G; Liu, SR; Ma, QY; Yang, ES2005103
Cortical activations upon stimulation of the sensorimotor-implicated acupointsLi, G; Huang, L; Cheung, RTF; Liu, SR; Ma, QY; Yang, ES2004126
Verification of proton density change in spinal cord fMRINg, MC; Wong, KK; Li, G; Ma, QY; Yang, ES; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK200476
Functional MRI of the spinal cord at low fieldWong, KK; Ng, MC; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK; Ma, QY; Yang, ES200476
Performance of large-size superconducting coil in 0.21T MRI systemLee, KH; Cheng, MC; Chan, KC; Wong, KK; Yeung, SSM; Lee, KC; Ma, QY; Yang, ES20041,168
Superconducting RF coils for clinical MR imaging at low fieldMa, QY; Chan, KC; Kacher, DF; Gao, E; Chow, MS; Wong, KK; Xu, H; Yang, ES; Young, GS; Miller, JR; Jolesz, FA2003152
Visual cortical activations on fMRI upon stimulation of the vision-implicated acupointsLi, G; Cheung, RTF; Ma, QY; Yang, ES2003109
An fMRI study comparing brain activation between word generation and electrical stimulation of language-implicated acupointsLi, G; Liu, HL; Cheung, RTF; Hung, YC; Wong, KKK; Shen, GGX; Ma, QY; Yang, ES2003120
Design of superconducting MRI surface coil by using method of momentFang, J; Chow, MS; Chan, KC; Wong, KK; Shen, GX; Gao, E; Yang, ES; Ma, QY2002799
Bold signal changes of the visual cortex on stimulation of the vision-related acupointsLi, G; Cheung, RTF; Ma, QY; Yang, ES2002363
MRI brain image segmentation by multi-resolution edge detection and region selectionTang, H; Wu, EX; Ma, QY; Gallagher, D; Perera, GM; Zhuang, T2000101
Use of functional MRI to evaluate correlation between acupoints and brain cortex activites: comparison between conventional and electrical acupunctureLi, G; Wong, KKK; Leung, MCT; Ma, QY; Yang, ES; Chan, JHM; Wong, V; Li, R2000316
Feature-based medical image deformation and registrationTang, HY; Zhuang, TG; Ma, QY; Wu, EX199972
Modification of epitaxial oxide films with ion implantationHong, SH; Miller, JR; Ma, QY; Yang, ES; Fenner, DB; Yang, CY; Budnick, JI199668
Superconducting receiver coils for sodium magnetic resonance imagingMiller, JR; Zhang, K; Ma, QY; Mun, IK; Jung, KJ; Katz, J; Face, DW; Kountz, DJ1996581
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