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Comparison of Patients Hospitalized With Influenza A Subtypes H7N9, H5N1, and 2009 Pandemic H1N1Wang, C; Yu, HJ; Horby, PW; Cao, B; Wu, P; Yang, S; Gao, H; Li, H; Tsang, KL; Liao, QH; Gao, ZC; Ip, DKM; Jia, HY; Jiang, H; Liu, B; Ni, MY; Dai, ZH; Liu, FF; Kinh, NV; Liem, NT; Hien, TT; Li, Y; Yang, J; Wu, JTK; Zheng, YM; Leung, GM; Farrar, JJ; Cowling, BJ; Uyeki, TM; Li, LJ201421
Hippocampal neurochemistry is involved in the behavioural effects of neonatal maternal separation and their reversal by post-weaning environmental enrichment: A magnetic resonance studyHui, JJ; Zhang, ZJ; Liu, SS; Xi, GJ; Zhang, XR; Teng, GJ; Chan, KC; Wu, EX; Nie, BB; Shan, BC; Li, LJ; Reynolds, GP2011108
Psychopathological, biological, and neuroimaging characterization of posttraumatic stress disorder in survivors of a severe coalmining disaster in ChinaWang, HH; Zhang, ZJ; Tan, QR; Yin, H; Chen, YC; Wang, HN; Zhang, RG; Wang, ZZ; Guo, L; Tang, LH; Li, LJ2010145
Abnormal grey matter in victims of rape with PTSD in Mainland China: A voxel-based morphometry studySui, SG; Wu, MX; King, ME; Zhang, Y; Ling, L; Xu, JM; Weng, XC; Duan, L; Shan, BC; Li, LJ2010209
Expression and amplification of eIF-5A2 in human epithelial ovarian tumors and overexpression of EIF-5A2 is a new independent predictor of outcome in patients with ovarian carcinomaYang, GF; Xie, D; Liu, JH; Luo, JH; Li, LJ; Hua, WF; Wu, HM; Kung, HF; Zeng, YX; Guan, XY2009321
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