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High glucose represses beta-klotho expression and impairs fibroblast growth factor 21 action in mouse pancreatic islets: Involvement of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma signalingSo, WY; Cheng, Q; Chen, L; Evans-Molina, C; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Leung, PS201336
Paracrine-autocrine mechanisms in the carotid body function at high altitude and in diseaseFung, ML; Tipoe, GL; Leung, PS201246
Targeted inactivation of Kinesin-1 in pancreatic β-cells in vivo leads to insulin secretory deficiencyCui, J; Wang, Z; Cheng, Q; Lin, R; Zhang, XM; Leung, PS; Copeland, NG; Jenkins, NA; Yao, KM; Huang, JD2011207
Increased basal insulin secretion in Pdzd2-deficient miceTsang, SW; Shao, D; Cheah, KSE; Okuse, K; Leung, PS; Yao, KM2010256
Novel hypoglycemic effects of Ganoderma lucidum water-extract in obese/diabetic (+db/+db) miceSeto, SW; Lam, TY; Tam, HL; Au, ALS; Chan, SW; Wu, JH; Yu, PHF; Leung, GPH; Ngai, SM; Yeung, JHK; Leung, PS; Lee, SMY; Kwan, YW2009202
Targeted Inactivation of KIF5B in Pancreatic Leads to Insulin Secretory Deficiency and Increased b-Cells Mass in vivoCui, J; Wang, Z; Cheng, QN; Lin, R; Zhang, X; Leung, PS; Copeland, NG; Jenkins, NA; Yao, KM; Huang, J200972
PDZ-domain containing-2 (PDZD2) drives the maturity of human fetal pancreatic progenitor-derived islet-like cell clusters with functional responsiveness against membrane depolarizationLeung, KK; Suen, PM; Lau, TK; Ko, WH; Yao, KM; Leung, PS2009133
The roles of the PDZ-containing proteins bridge-1 and PDZD2 in the regulation of insulin production and pancreatic beta-cell massThomas, MK; Tsang, SW; Yeung, ML; Leung, PS; Yao, KM2009141
Modulation of LMP2A expression by a newly identified Epstein-Barr virus-encoded microRNA miR-BART22Lung, RWM; Tong, JHM; Sung, YM; Leung, PS; Ng, DCH; Chau, SL; Chan, AWH; Ng, EKO; Lo, KW; To, KF2009125
Frontiers in Research of the Renin-Angiotensin System on Human Disease”, 7th Volume in the book series of Proteases in Biology and DiseaseFung, ML; Leung, PS200890
Investigation of the Role of Kif5B in Pancreatic β-cells FunctionCui, J; Wang, Z; Zeng, QN; Leung, PS; Yao, KM; Huang, J200893
PDZ-domain containing-2 (PDZD2) is a novel factor that affects the growth and differentiation of human fetal pancreatic progenitor cellsSuen, PM; Zou, C; Zhang, YA; Lau, TK; Chan, J; Yao, KM; Leung, PS2008119
Up-regulation of a local renin-angiotensin system in the rat carotid body during chronic intermittent hypoxiaLam, SSY; Tipoe, GL; Liong, EC; Leung, PS; Fung, ML200778
Carotid body AT4 receptor expression and its upregulation in chronic hypoxiaFung, ML; Lam, SY; Wong, TP; Tjong, YW; Leung, PS2007102
Secreted PDZD2 exerts concentration-dependent effects on the proliferation of INS-1E cellsMa, RYM; Tam, TSM; Suen, APM; Yeung, PML; Tsang, SW; Chung, SK; Thomas, MK; Leung, PS; Yao, KM2006105
Secreted PDZD2 exerts concentration-dependent effects on the proliferation and function of pancreatic beta cells.Ma, RYM; Tam, TSM; Suen, APM; Tipoe, GL; Yeung, ML; Chung, SK; Thomas, MK; Leung, PS; Yao, KM200574
Intestinal trefoil factor promotes invasion in non-tumorigenic Rat-2 fibroblast cellChan, VYW; Chan, MWY; Leung, WK; Leung, PS; Sung, JJY; Chan, FKL200565
Chronic hypoxia upregulates the expression and function of AT4 receptor in rat carotid bodyLam, SSY; Wong, TP; Tjong, YW; Leung, PS; Fung, ML200584
Regulation of the angiotensin-converting enzyme activity by a time-course hypoxia in the carotid bodyLam, SY; Fung, ML; Leung, PS200497
Economic Indicators of Sustainable Development in Fish CultureLai, LWC; Leung, PS2004153
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