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Perturbation of Hoxb5 signaling in vagal and trunk neural crest cells causes apoptosis and neurocristopathies in miceKam, KM; Cheung, MCH; Zhu, JJ; Cheng, WW; Sat, EWY; Tam, PKH; Lui, VCH201429
Hoxb5 trans-activates Sox9 and regulates trunk neural crest cell developmentKam, KM; Cheung, MCH; Tam, PKH; Lui, VCH201265
Expression analysis of Hoxb5 in enteric neurons and generation of tamoxifen inducible Cre mice for neuronal Hoxb5 signaling perturbationKam, KM; Cheng, WC; Tam, PKH; Lui, VCH200874
Association between RANTES functional polymorphisms and tuberculosis in Hong Kong ChineseChu, SF; Tam, CM; Wong, HS; Kam, KM; Lau, YL; Chiang, AKS2007100
Socio-demographic and geographic indicators and distribution of tuberculosis in Hong Kong: A spatial analysisChanYeung, M; Yeh, AGO; Tam, CM; Kam, KM; Leung, CC; Yew, WW; Lam, CW2005616
Association of the MCP-1 promoter polymorphism with tuberculosis in the Hong Kong Chinese populationChu, SF; Ng, MW; Tam, CM; Kam, KM; Song, YQ; Lau, YL; Chiang, AKS200582
b-Chemokine Polymorphisms are not Associated with Tuberculosis in the Hong Kong Chinese PopulationChu, SF; Tam, CM; Kam, KM; Song, Y; Lau, YL; Chiang, AKS200595
Association of the monocyte chemoattractant protein 1 (MCP-1) promoter polymorphism with tuberculosis in the Hong Kong Chinese populationChu, SF; Lau, YL; Tam, CM; Song, YQ; Kam, KM; Chiang, AKS2004117
Detection of katG Ser315Thr substitution in respiratory specimens from patients with isoniazid-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis using PCR-RFLPLeung, ETY; Kam, KM; Chiu, A; Ho, PL; Seto, WH; Yuen, KY; Yam, WC2003126
Molecular and conventional epidemiology of tuberculosis in Hong Kong: a population-based prospective studyChan-Yeung, M; Tam, CM; Wong, H; Leung, CC; Wang, J; Yew, WW; Lam, CW; Kam, KM2003391
Identification of Mycobacterium neoaurum isolated from a neutropenic patient with catheter-related bacteremia by 16s rRNA sequencingWoo, PCY; Tsoi, HW; Leung, KW; Lum, PNL; Leung, ASP; Ma, CH; Kam, KM; Yuen, KY2000424
Vibrio cholerae O139 synonym Bengal in Hong Kong [12]Yuen, KY; Yam, WC; Wong, SSY; Kam, KM; Leung, TH1994305
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