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Diabetic mastopathyChan, RC; Ho, SL; Shek, T; Kwong, A201324
A New Low Radiation Wireless Transmission System in Mobile Phone Application Based on Magnetic Resonant CouplingChen, Q; Ho, SL; Fu, WN201326
Whole exome sequencing identifies a novel mutation in the transglutaminase 6 gene for spinocerebellar ataxia in a Chinese family.Li, M; Pang, SYY; Song, Y; Kung, MHW; Ho, SL; Sham, PC2012177
Enucleation of painful blind eye for refractory intraocular lymphoma after dose-limiting chemotherapy and radiotherapyChow, PPc; Ho, SL; Lai, WW; Au, WY201285
Numerical Investigation of Magnetic Resonant Coupling Technique in Inter-Chip Communication via Electromagnetics-TCAD Coupled SimulationChen, Q; Ho, SL; Fu, WN201218
F-18 Fluorodeoxyglucose non-avid hepatosplenic T cell lymphoma: A diagnostic pitfallHo, SL; Loong, F; Lam, C; Anthony, MP; Kwong, YL2012247
Duodenal GIST metastasized to skull and orbit managed by surgery: a case reportLi, LF; Tse, YH; Ho, SL; Yan, KW; Lui, WM201181
Exome sequencing identifies frequent mutation of ARID1A in molecular subtypes of gastric cancerWang, K; Kan, J; Yuen, ST; Shi, ST; Chu, KM; Law, S; Chan, TL; Kan, Z; Chan, ASY; Tsui, WY; Lee, SP; Ho, SL; Chan, AKW; Cheng, GHW; Roberts, PC; Rejto, PA; Gibson, NW; Pocalyko, DJ; Mao, M; Xu, J; Leung, SY2011317
Evaluation of in-house and commercial genotyping assays for molecular typing of hepatitis C virus in Hong KongLam, THJ; Cheng, PS; Lai, ST; Tsang, TY; Cheng, VCC; Ho, SL; Yam, WC2010166
Thymomatous myasthenia gravis among Hong Kong ChineseChan, KH; Tsang, JWH; Mak, W; Liu, HHW; Ho, SL; Cheung, RTF2010143
Clinical Outcome of Hong Kong Chinese Relapsing Remitting Multiple SclerosisChan, KH; Tse, CT; Ho, SL; Ho, WL; Ho, WM201099
Clinical outcome of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis among Hong Kong ChineseTse, CT; Tse, MMY; Pang, SYY; Ho, SL; Cheung, RTF; Ho, WL; Ho, WM; Chan, KH201099
Thymomatous myasthenia gravisLiu, HHW; Tsang, JWH; Pang, SYY; Ho, SL; Cheung, RTF; Chu, ACY; Tse, MMY; Mak, W; Ho, WL; Chan, KH2010129
Emerging role of mitochondrial uncoupling protein-4 in neuronal differentiation and survivalHo, WL; Ho, WM; Liu, H; Yiu, CW; Kung, MHW; Ramsden, DB; Ho, SL2010100
Intracerebral hemorrhage complicating anticoagulant therapy among Hong Kong ChineseTeo, KC; Mahboobani, NR; Lee, R; Cheung, RTF; Ho, SL; Tse, CT; Chan, KH2010127
Aquaporin-4 expression by thymoma of myasthenia gravis patientsChan, KH; Kwan, SC; Chu, ACY; Ho, WL; Ho, WM; Ho, SL2010115
Acute Bacterial Meningitis In Patients With Nasopharyngeal CarcinomaTse, CT; Ho, SL; Cheung, RTF; Mak, W; Chang, SK; Chan, KH2009121
Generalisation in myasthenia gravis presenting with pure ocular symptomsPang, SYY; Ho, SL; Mak, W; Cheung, RTF; Cheng, TS; Tse, CT; Chang, SK; Chan, KH2009111
Synergistic role of neuronal uncoupling protein homologues, UCP4 and UCP5, in neuroprotection against mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson’s diseaseHo, WL; Ho, WM; Kwok, HH; Liu, H; Chan, KH; Kung, MHW; Ramsden, DB; Ho, SL2009100
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