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Experimental low-grade alteration of biogenic magnetite indicates microbial involvement in generation of banded iron formationsLi, Y; Konhauser, KO; Kappler, A; Hao, X201249
57-Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy of mineral assemblages in mantle spinel lherzolites from Cenozoic alkali basalt, eastern China: Petrological applicationsHao, X; Li, Y201271
Fangchinoline is a potential anti-cancer drug by inducing autophagic cell death in heaptocellular carcinoma cellsWang, N; Pan, W; Zhu, M; Zhanf, M; Hao, X; Lian, G; Feng, Y201165
Fangchinoline induces autophagic cell death via p53/sestrin2/AMPK signalling in human hepatocellular carcinoma cellsWang, N; Pan, W; Zhu, M; Zhang, M; Hao, X; Liang, G; Feng, Y2011187
The geomicrobiology of bauxite depositsHao, X; Leung, K; Wang, R; Sun, W; Li, Y2010139
Arbitrary obstacles constrained full coverage in wireless sensor networksTan, H; Wang, Y; Hao, X; Hua, QS; Lau, FCM201099
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