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Sex- and age-dependent association of SLC11A1 polymorphisms with tuberculosis in Chinese: A case control studyLeung, KH; Yip, SP; Wong, WS; Yiu, LS; Chan, KK; Lai, WM; Chow, EYD; Lin, CK; Yam, WC; Chan, KS2007119
Association of ICAM3 genetic variant with severe acute respiratory syndromeChan, KYK; Ching, JCY; Xu, MS; Cheung, ANY; Yip, SP; Yam, LYC; Lai, ST; Chu, CM; Wong, ATY; Song, YQ; Huang, FP; Liu, W; Chung, PH; Leung, GM; Chow, EYD; Chan, EYT; Chan, JCK; Ngan, HYS; Tam, P; Chan, LC; Sham, P; Chan, VSF; Peiris, M; Lin, SCL; Khoo, US2007391
Pathogenesis of jumping translocations: A molecular cytogenetics studyWan, TSK; Ma, SK; Chow, EYD; Li, YH; Lin, SY; Chan, LC2004113
Low affinity and unstable hemoglobin variant caused by AAC→ATC (Asn→Ile) mutation at codon 108 of the β-globin gene [3]Ma, ESK; Chow, EYD; Chan, AYY; Chu, CM; Lin, SY; Chan, LC200269
Detection of a small novel deletion in the α-globin gene and type II -α 3.7 deletion by heteroduplex formationChan, AYY; ShiuKwan, E; Au, WY; Chow, EYD; Chan, LC200261
β-Thalassemia intermedia caused by compound heterozygosity for Hb Malay (β codon 19 AAC→AGC; Asn→Ser) and codons 41/42 (-CTTT) β0-thalassemia mutationMa, SK; Chow, EYD; Chan, AYY; Kung, NNS; Waye, JS; Chan, LC; Chui, DHK2000180
The role of trisomy 8 in the pathogenesis of chronic eosinophilic leukemiaMa, SK; Kwong, YL; Shek, TWH; Wan, TSK; Chow, EYD; Chan, LC1999139
The spectrum of chronic lymphoproliferative disorders in Hong Kong. A prospective studyChan, LC; Lam, CK; Yeung, TC; Chu, RW; Ng, M; Chow, EYD; Wickham, N; Matutes, E199762
Robertsonian translocation as an acquired karyotypic abnormality in leukaemiaMa, SK; Chow, EYD; Wan, TSK; Chan, LC199762
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