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Morpho-orthographic and morpho-semantic processing in word recognition and production: evidence from ambiguous morphemesTsang, YK; Wong, WK; Huang, J; Chen, HC201328
Is syntactic-category processing obligatory in visual word recognition? Evidence from ChineseWong, WK; Chen, HC201236
Phonological Units in Spoken Word Production: Insights from CantoneseWong, WK; Huang, J; Chen, HC201249
Tonal and segmental processing in Cantonese spoken word productionWong, WK; Chen, HC201143
Independent effects of orthographic and phonological facilitation on spoken word production in mandarinZhang, Q; Chen, HC; Stuart Weekes, B; Yang, Y200986
Asian multicenter trials on urinary type IV collagen in patients with diabetic nephropathyTomino, Y; Suzuki, S; Azushima, C; Shou, I; Iijima, T; Yagame, M; Wang, LN; Chen, HC; Lai, KN; Tan, SY; Kim, MJ2001126
Molecular basis for differing antineurogenic effects of GATA-1a and GATA-1b in XenopusChen, HD; Huang, YK; Ault, K; Wong, GW; Lin, MCM; Chen, HC; Kung, HF2000106
Lysozyme and RNases as anti-HIV components in β-core preparations of human chorionic gonadotropinLee-Huang, S; Huang, PL; Sun, Y; Huang, PL; Kung, H; Blithe, DL; Chen, HC1999309
Examining and reexamining the structure of Chinese-English bilingual memoryChen, HC; Cheung, H; Lau, S199770
Effects of syntactic structure in the memory of concrete and abstract Chinese sentencesHo, CSH; Chen, HC199363
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