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Traditional Chinese Medicine Today (Hong Kong).Chan, YS; Zhang, Y201320
A thermostable trypsin inhibitor with antiproliferative activity from small pinto beansChan, YS; Zhang, Y; Sze, CW; Ng, TB201313
Investigation of therapeutic efficacy and mechanisms of polysaccharide of dendrobium officinale in alleviating cigarette-induced pulmonary inflammationXiao, L; Chan, YS; Wu, XJ; Ho, CM; Liao, QX; Tang, CW; Ng, TB; Sze, CW; Tong, Y; Zhang, Y201333
Brown Kidney Bean Bowman-Birk Trypsin Inhibitor is Heat and pH Stable and Exhibits Anti-proliferative ActivityChan, YS; Zhang, Y; Ng, TB201337
Sox10 is essential for neural crest invasion in cochleo-vastibular ganglionChu, KH; Zhang, M; Wong, EYM; Szeto, YY; Chan, YS; Cheah, KSE; Sham, MH201272
Derivation of oligodendrocyte precursors from bone marrow stromal cells for remyelination therapyTsui, YP; Li, SY; Lo, ACY; Chan, YS; Shum, DKY201255
Regulatory role of neuronal proheparanase in synaptic function of the central vestibular systemMa, CW; Lam, YL; Cham, WC; Han, L; Chan, YS; Shum, DKY201251
Application of genomics and proteomics to identify bacterial gene in Chinese Medicines candidates for quality controlLiu, J; Wong, WK; Chan, YS; Make, TQ; Ng, TB; Zhang, Y201193
Glyceollin, a soybean phytoalexin with medicinal propertiesNg, TB; Ye, XJ; Wong, JH; Fang, EF; Chan, YS; Pan, W; Ye, XY; Sze, SCW; Zhang, KY; Liu, F; Wang, HX2011211
A review of the pharmacological effects of Arctium lappa (burdock)Chan, YS; Cheng, LN; Wu, JH; Chan, E; Kwan, YW; Lee, SMY; Leung, GPH; Yu, PHF; Chan, SW2011109
Age-dependent GABA-ergic transmission and plasticity in medial vestibular nucleus of ratsHu, H; Lai, SK; Lai, CH; Chan, YS201182
Application of Genomics and Proteomics to Identify Bacterial Gene in Chinese Medicines Candidates for Quality Control.Liu, JY; Wong, WK; Mak, TW; Chan, YS; Sze, CW; Ng, TB; Zhang, Y201179
Activity-dependent GABAergic synaptic plasticity in medial vestibular neurons of ratsHu, H; Lai, SK; Lai, CH; Shum, DKY; Chan, YS201075
5-HT2A receptor mediated facilitation of inhibitory neurotransmission in medial vestibular nucleusHan, L; Lai, SK; Lai, CH; Chan, YS201085
The role of HOX genes in mouse inner ear development.Wong, EYM; Chan, YS; Wu, DK; Cheah, KSE; Sham, MH200783
Marriage as a Business: The Bringing of Chinese to Japan by RepatriatesChan, YS; Chu, YK200479
Glucose-6-phosphatase gene (727G→T) splicing mutation is prevalent in Hong Kong Chinese patients with glycogen storage disease type 1aLam, CW; But, WM; Shek, CC; Tong, SF; Chan, YS; Choy, KW; Tse, WY; Pang, CP; Hjelm, NM1998112
Isolation and characterization of an Arabidopsis cDNA involved in embryogenesis (Abstract 1155)Chan, YS; Chye, ML; Xia, GX; Chua, NH1997107
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