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The incidental findings of age-related macular degeneration during diabetic retinopathy screeningGangwani, R; Lai, WW; Sum, R; McGhee, SM; Chan, CWS; Hedley, AJ; Wong, D20137
Improvement of myocardial perfusion reserve detected by cardiovascular magnetic resonance after direct endomyocardial implantation of autologous bone marrow cells in patients with severe coronary artery diseaseChan, CWS; Kwong, YL; Kwong, RY; Lau, CP; Tse, HF2010336
ASCI 2010 standardized practice protocol for cardiac magnetic resonance imaging: a report of the Asian society of cardiovascular imaging cardiac computed tomography and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging guideline working groupChan, CWS; Choi, BW; Jinzaki, M; Kitagawa, K; Tsai, IC; Yong, HS; Yu, W2010169
Simultaneous spectral domain OCT and fundus autofluorescence imaging of the macula and microperimetric correspondence after successful repair of rhegmatogenous retinal detachmentLai, WW; Leung, GYO; Chan, CWS; Yeung, IYL; Wong, D2010147
Simultaneous fundus autofluorescence imaging and spectral domain OCT of the macula and microperimetric correspondence after successful repair of rhegmatogenous retinal detachmentWong, DSH; Lai, WWK; Leung, GYO; Chan, CWS; Yeung, IYL200988
Survival from cardiovascular events as predicated by carotid (common carotid artery) intima-media thickness and Doppler values in ischaemic Chinese patients requiring coronary angiogrmLee, SWL; Lam, SCC; Kong, SL; Lam, YM; Hau, WKT; Hai, JSH; Chan, MPH; Chan, KKW; Lam, L; Chan, CWS; Cheung, RTF; Tse, HF; Chan, HW200994
Development of a Chinese version of the National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire (CHI-VFQ-25) as a tool to study patients with eye diseases in Hong KongChan, CWS; Wong, D; Lam, CLK; McGhee, S; Lai, WW2009254
Scimitar syndrome on chest x raySiu, CW; Cheung, SCW; Chan, CWS; Lam, YM; Tse, HF; Jim, MH200867
Value of ST-segment depression in lead V 4R in predicting proximal against distal left circumflex artery occlusion in acute inferoposterior myocardial infarctionJim, MH; Ho, HH; Siu, CW; Miu, R; Chan, CWS; Lee, SWL; Lau, CP200756
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