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Fabrication and Characterization of biomimetic multichanneled crosslined-urethance-doped polyester tissue engineering nerve guidesTran, R; Choy, WM; Cao, H; Qattan, I; Chiao, JC; Ip, WY; Yeung, KWK; Yang, J20149
Lower abundance of ammonia-oxidizing archaea than ammonia-oxidizing bacteria detected in the subsurface sediments of the Northern South China SeaCao, H; Hong, Y; Li, M; Gu, JD2012146
Community shift of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria along an anthropogenic pollution gradient from the Pearl River Delta to the South China SeaCao, H; Hong, Y; Li, M; Gu, JD2012361
Responses of aerobic and anaerobic ammonia/ammonium-oxidizing microorganisms to anthropogenic pollution in coastal marine environmentsCao, H; Li, M; Dang, H; Gu, JD2011228
Diversity and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in polluted mangrove sedimentCao, H; Li, M; Hong, Y; Gu, JD201176
Seasonal dynamics of anammox bacteria in estuarial sediment of the mai po nature reserve revealed by analyzing the 16s rRNA and hydrazine oxidoreductase (hzo) genesLi, M; Cao, H; Hong, YG; Gu, JD2011229
Diversity and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing prokaryotes in sediments from the coastal Pearl River estuary to the South China SeaCao, H; Hong, Y; Li, M; Gu, JD2011185
Phylogenetic Diversity and Ecological Pattern of Ammonia-oxidizing Archaea in the Surface Sediments of the Western PacificCao, H; Hong, Y; Li, M; Gu, JD2011179
Spatial distribution and abundances of ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA) and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) in mangrove sedimentsLi, M; Cao, H; Hong, Y; Gu, JD2011208
Residence of Habitat-Specific Anammox Bacteria in the Deep-Sea Subsurface Sediments of the South China Sea: Analyses of Marker Gene Abundance with Physical Chemical ParametersHong, YG; Li, M; Cao, H; Gu, JD2011160
Reduced rate of adenosine triphosphate synthesis by in vivo 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and downregulation of PGC-1β in distal skeletal muscle following burnAria Tzika, A; Mintzopoulos, D; Padfield, K; Wilhelmy, J; Mindrinos, MN; Yu, H; Cao, H; Zhang, Q; Astrakas, LG; Zhang, J; Yu, YM; Rahme, LG; Tompkins, RG200861
Combination of high-resolution magic angle spinning proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and microscale genomics to type brain tumor biopsiesTzika, AA; Astrakas, L; Cao, H; Mintzopoulos, D; Andronesi, OC; Mindrinos, M; Zhang, J; Rahme, LG; Blekas, KD; Likas, AC; Galatsanos, NP; Carroll, RS; Black, PM200760
Discovery of collocation episodes in spatiotemporal dataCao, H; Mamoulis, N; Cheung, DW2007151
Discovery of periodic patterns in spatiotemporal sequencesCao, H; Mamoulis, N; Cheung, DW2007568
Mining frequent spatio-temporal sequential patternsCao, H; Mamoulis, N; Cheung, DW2005519
Mining, indexing, and querying historical spatiotemporal dataMamoulis, N; Hadjieleftheriou, M; Cao, H; Tao, Y; Kollios, G; Cheung, DW2004119
Discovering partial periodic patterns in discrete data sequencesCao, H; Cheung, DW; Mamoulis, N2004120
Evaluation of iceberg distance joinsShou, Y; Mamoulis, N; Cao, H; Papadias, D; Cheung, DW2003126
Variation in the AU(AT)-rich element within the 3'-untranslated region of PPP1R3 is associated with variation in plasma glucose in aboriginal CanadiansHegele, RA; Harris, SB; Zinman, B; Wang, J; Cao, H; Hanley, AJG; Tsui, LC; Scherer, SW1998139
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