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Tensile and compressive behaviours and properties of a bone analogue biomaterialWang, M; Au, CL; Lai, PK; Bonfield, W2005160
Mechanical behaviour and properties of hydroxyapatite reinforced polyethylene developed as an analogue bone replacement materialWang, M; Lai, PK; Bonfield, W2004125
Effects of Polymer Molecular Weight and Ceramic Particle Size on Flexural Properties of Hydroxyapatite Reinforced PolyethyleneWang, M; Leung, LY; Lai, PK; Bonfield, W2004135
Anisotropic mechanical properties of oriented HAPEX™Bonner, M; Saunders, LS; Ward, IM; Davies, GW; Wang, M; Tanner, KE; Bonfield, W200279
Friction and wear of hydroxyapatite reinforced high density polyethylene against the stainless steel counterfaceWang, M; Chandrasekaran, M; Bonfield, W2002142
Chemically coupled hydroxyapatite-polyethylene composites: Structure and propertiesWang, M; Bonfield, W2001115
Chemically coupled hydroxyapatite-polyethylene composites: Processing and characterisationWang, M; Deb, S; Bonfield, W200083
Dynamic mechanical characterization of hydroxyapatite reinforced polyethylene: Effect of particle sizeNazhat, SN; Joseph, R; Wang, M; Smith, R; Tanner, KE; Bonfield, W200075
Hydrostatically extruded HAPEXTMWang, M; Ladizesky, NH; Tanner, KE; Ward, IM; Bonfield, W200099
HAPEX(TM) for otologic applicationsSwain, RE; Wang, M; Beale, B; Bonfield, W1999213
Bioglass®/high density polyethylene composite for soft tissue applications: Preparation and evaluationWang, M; Hench, LL; Bonfield, W1998106
Hydroxyapatite-polyethylene composites for bone substitution: Effects of ceramic particle size and morphologyWang, M; Joseph, R; Bonfield, W199896
Interfaces in analogue biomaterialsBonfield, W; Wang, M; Tanner, KE199860
Young's and shear moduli of ceramic particle filled polyethyleneWang, M; Berry, C; Braden, M; Bonfield, W199886
In vitro mechanical and biological assessment of hydroxyapatite-reinforced polyethylene compositeHuang, J; Di Silvio, L; Wang, M; Tanner, KE; Bonfield, W199785
Interphase in composite materialsWang, M; Bonfield, W; Li, M; Guiu, F1997150
Evaluation of in vitro bioactivity and biocompatibility of Bioglass®-reinforced polyethylene compositeHuang, J; Di Silvio, L; Wang, M; Rehman, I; Ohtsuki, C; Bonfield, W1997105
Hydrostatic extrusion of hydroxyapatite polyethylene compositeLadizesky, NH; Wang, M; Miettinen, EM; Tanner, KE; Ward, IM; Bonfield, W199681
Dynamic mechanical behaviour of modified hydroxyapatite reinforced polyethylene compositesNazhat, SN; Smith, R; Deb, S; Wang, M; Tanner, KE; Bonfield, W199687
Hydroxyapatite-polyethylene composites: Effect of grafting and surface treatment of hydroxyapatiteDeb, S; Wang, M; Tanner, KE; Bonfield, W199692
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