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Digital blood flow response to body warming, cooling, and rewarming in patients with Raynaud's phenomenonLau, CS; Khan, F; Brown, R; McCallum, P; Belch, JJF199596
Reduced red blood cell deformability in patients with rheumatoid vasculitis: Improvement after in vitro treatment with dipyridamoleLau, CS; Saniabadi, AR; Belch, JJF199577
Effects of fish oil on plasma fibrinolysis in patients with mild rheumatoid arthritisLau, CS; McLaren, M; Belch, JJF199591
Oral iloprost as a treatment for Raynaud's syndrome: A double blind multicentre placebo controlled studyBelch, JJF; Capell, HA; Cooke, ED; Kirby, JDT; Lau, CS; Madhok, R; Murphy, E; Steinberg, M1995206
Abnormal plasma fibrinolysis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and impaired endothelial fibrinolytic response in those complicated by vasculitisLau, CS; Mclaren, M; Hanslip, J; Kerr, M; Belch, JJF199343
A randomised, double-blind study of Cicaprost, an oral prostacyclin analogue, in the treatment of Raynaud's phenomenon secondary to systemic sclerosisLau, CS; Belch, JJF; Madhok, R; Cappell, H; Herrick, A; Jayson, M; Thompson, JM199358
Cicaprost, an orally active prostacyclin analogue: Its effects on platelet aggregation and skin blood flow in normal volunteersBelch, JJF; Mclaren, M; Lau, CS; Mackay, IR; Bancroft, A; Mcewen, J; Thompson, JM199366
Baseline plasma fibrinolysis and its correlation with clinical manifestations in patients with Raynaud's phenomenonLau, CS; Mclaren, M; Mackay, I; Belch, JJF199355
Effects of fish oil supplementation on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug requirement in patients with mild rheumatoid arthritis - A double-blind placebo controlled studyLau, CS; Morley, KD; Belch, JJF199364
Increased whole blood platelet aggregation in patients with Raynaud's phenomenon with or without systemic sclerosisLau, CS; Mclaren, M; Saniabadi, A; Belch, JJF199366
White blood cell activation in Raynaud's phenomenon of systemic sclerosis and vibration induced white finger syndromeLau, CS; O'dowd, A; Belch, JJF199264
Snake oil [4]Ackman, RG; Belch, JJF; Ross, P; Lau, CS199251
Authors' replyBelch, JJF; Ross, P; Lau, CS19921,134
Further evidence of increased polymorphonuclear cell activity in patients with Raynaud's phenomenonLau, CS; Bridges, AB; Muir, A; Scott, N; Bancroft, A; Belch, JJF199250
Factor VIII Von Willebrand factor antigen levels correlaie with symptom severity in patients with Raynaud's phenomenonLau, CS; Mclaren, M; Belch, JJF199154
Raynaud's phenomenon a vasospastic disorderLau, CS; Belch, JJF199130
The pharmacological effects of cicaprost, an oral prostacyclin analogue, in patients with Raynaud's syndrome secondary to systemic sclerosis - a preliminary studyLau, CS; Mclaren, M; Saniabadi, A; Scott, N; Belch, JJF199158
Increased activity of oxygen free radicals during reperfusion in patients with peripheral arterial disease undergoing percutaneous peripheral artery balloon angioplastyLau, CS; Scott, N; Shaw, JW; Belch, JJF199175
Iloprost and risk of thromboembolism [2]Belch, JJF; Lau, CS; Saniabadi, A; Mclaren, M; Forbes, CD; Kovacs, IB199141
The effects of thromboxane receptor blockade on platelet aggregation and digital skin blood flow in patients with secondary Raynaud's syndromeLau, CS; Khan, F; Mclaren, M; Bancroft, A; Walker, M; Belch, JJF199161
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