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Expertise in engineering learning: examining engineering students' collaborative inquiry of computer systemsChan, YY201056
Engineering undergraduates learning computer system modeling in a constructivist learning environment: multi-level analysis of collaborative and individual learningChan, YY; Chan, CKK201062
New assessment tools for knowledge buildingvan Aalst, JCW; Chan, YY; Chan, CKK; Wan, Z201078
Assessing student collaboration and learning in medical engineering from the perspectives of structures, behaviors, and functionChan, YY; Yu, ACH; Chan, CKK2010108
Assessing integrative learning among engineering students using a structure-behavior-function frameworkChan, YY; Chan, CKK2010138
Development of formative assessment tools for knowledge buildingvan Aalst, J; Chan, YY; Chan, CKK; Wan, Z; Teplovs, C201096
Teaching for conceptual change in security awareness education: A case study in higher educationChan, YY; Wei, VK200972
Classroom innovation and knowledge building teacher community with CSCLChan, CKK; Song, Y; Lei, L; Chan, YY2009100
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