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2011香港加菸稅:支持與反對的鬥爭Lam, TH; Chan, SSC; Lau, L2011117
A 48-month follow-up of a randomized controlled trial on a stage-matched smoking cessation intervention among cardiac patientsChan, SSC; Leung, YP; Leung, GM; Wong, V; Lam, TH2009321
Acceptability, Adherence and Satisfaction of a Proactive Telephone-Based Smoking Cessation Program for Parents with Young Children.Mak, YW; Loke, AY; Lam, TH200692
Accurancy and utility of school screening for scoliosis in Hong KongLee, CF; Fong, DYT; Cheung, KMC; Mak, KH; Cheng, JCY; Yip, PSF; Ng, BKW; Luk, KDK; Cheng, JCY2008317
Accurancy and utility of school screening for scoliosis in Hong KongLee, CF; Fong, DYT; Cheung, KMC; Mak, KH; Cheng, JCY; Yip, PSF; Ng, BKW; Luk, KDK2008267
Addressing the health consequences of intimate partner violence: Lessons from health researchTiwari, AFY200766
Adherence to medications: the importance of health literacyChan, SSC201289
Adherence to nicotine replacement therapy among Chinese smokers who had no intention to quit smokingChan, SSC; Wan, ZSF; Leung, DYP; Abdullah, ASM; Hedley, AJ; Lam, TH201194
Advancing Nursing Practice in Helping Children Cope with the Stress of Surgery through Evidence-based PracticeLi, WHC200777
Advantage of using comprehensive assessment in community gerontological care: application of RAI-HC for screening and care plan development.Leung, AYM; Chi, I; Chan, KS; Lou, W2008115
Adventure-based training programme in promoting the psychological well-being of Hong Kong Chinese primary school childrenLi, WHC201211
Age differences in smoking and cessation behaviors and psychosocial factors among woman smokers in Hong KongChan, SSC; Leung, YP; Fu, CY; Leung, GM; Lam, TH2008188
Age-period-cohort analysis of the need of surgery in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisWan, YY; Fong, DYT; Cheung, KMC; Cheng, JCY; Lam, TH; Ng, BKW; Mak, KH; Luk, KDK201151
An alternative to a randomized control design for assessing the efficacy and effectiveness of bracing in AISFong, D; Cheung, K; Wong, YW; Cheung, WY; Fu, I; Kuong, EEYL; Mak, KC; To, M; Luk, K201278
Analyzing staff needs in the process of changing to problem-based learning (PBL)Chan, SSC; Sullivan, PL; Tiwari, AFY199870
Anxiety and uncertainty in women undergoing surgery for gynecological cancerIsmail, Z; So, KW200682
The application and evaluation of advanced simulation for experiential learning in developing student’s critical thinking dispositions and skillsChiang, VCL; Hui Choi, E; Lam, VSF; Chan, PSL; Kong, CHM; Chan, SSC; Yuen, FKH; Chui, ML; So, WKW2010131
Application and evaluation of advanced simulation with HPS in developing student’s critical thinking dispositions and skills: the progressChiang, V2010180
Application of health assessment skills into clinical practiceSo, KW; Lai, ETL; Wong, TKC; Yip, PPY200588
Applying clinical problem-based learning (CPBL) in the undergraduate nursing curriculum: evaluation of students' approaches to learningChan, SSC; Tiwari, AFY; Wong, EMY; Wong, A; Patil, NG200692
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