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Academic citizenship and university lifeMacfarlane, BJ200861
Activity Plan 6: The all-round choiceHui, EKP; Law, BCM2009128
Affordances and constraints of personal digital assistants for learningSong, Y200853
Ambiguities In Assessing Higher education Research In Hong Kong: Critical Reflections.Katyal, KR; Evers, CW200897
The application and use of the research resultsTse, SK; Chan, CKK; Chou, PWY; Leung, SK; Leung, SO; Kwong, SM; Li, FAI2006106
The Application of Functional Linguistics - Learning to Write Practical Writing on WebShum, MSK2005118
Applying Information Technology to Assist the Teaching of Practical WritingTse, SK; Ki, WW; Shum, MSK; Tam, JPY; Lau, MKF2005119
Applying PragmaticsHoye, LF2006101
Are Developmental Psychology and Differential Psychology Related?Zhang, LF200288
Asia, colonialism and education inNordtveit, BH; Bray, TM201272
Asian indigenization of knowledgeYang, R201280
Assessing students’ life skills developmentYuen, MT200682
Assessment and Learning of WritingChu, WLC; Shum, MSK201182
Assessment In Collborrative Learningvan Aalst, JCW201326
Balancing context, pedagogy and technology on learning space designs : opportunities amidst infrastructural developments in Hong KongFox, RMK; Lam, P2012102
Becoming Learners: A Moral Commitment of EducatorsKwo, OWY201165
Belonging from Afar?: transnational academic mobility and the Chinese knowledge diaspora, an Australian case studyYang, R; Welch, A201155
Beyond performance in teaching excellenceMacfarlane, BJ200789
Beyond Shadows: Equity, Diversity, and Private TutoringMazawi, AE; Sultana, RG; Bray, TM201351
BildungsverwaltungCheng, KM200273
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