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Contributions of polyol pathway to oxidative stress in diabetic cataractLee, AYW; Chung, SSM1999122
Contributions of polyols and oxidative stress in sugar cataractsChung, SSM; Lee, YW199666
Correlation between the single-site CpG mutation within the gene promoter and the expression silencing of XIAP -Associated Factor 1 (XAF1) in human colon cancer cell lines. Asian Pacific Digestive Week, Sept. 25-28, 2005, Seoul, Korea.Zou, B; Chim, JCS; Lin, MC; Zeng, H; He, H; Yu, L; Sun, Y; Jiang, SH; Wong, BCY2005120
Correlation of defective mitotic checkpoint with aberrantly reduced expression of MAD2 protein in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cellsWang, X; Jin, DY; Wong, YC; Cheung, ALM; Chun, ACS; Lo, AKF; Liu, Y; Tsao, SW2000191
CpG Methylation and Transcription Factors Sp1 and Sp3 Regulate the Expression of the Human Secretin Receptor GenePang, RTK; Lee, LTO; Ng, SSM; Yung, WH; Chow, BKC2004108
A critical role of Pax6 in alcohol-induced fetal microcephalyPeng, Y; Yang, PH; Ng, SSM; Wong, OG; Liu, J; He, ML; Kung, HF; Lin, MCM2004164
Cyclooxygenase-2 and protein kinase C singnalling in gastric cancerWong, BCY; Fan, XM; Lin, MC; Kung, H; Lam, SK200196
Cyclooxygenase-2 Gene Disruption Enhances Gastric Inflammation but Inhibits Gastric Epithelial Proliferation Induced by H. pylori InfectionLi, G; Xia, HHX; Chen, MH; Peng, J; Gu, Q; Cui, J; Cho, CH; Lam, SK; Lin, MC; Berg, DE; Feng, Z; Langenbach, R; Kung, H; Wong, BCY2004107
Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitor (SC-236) Suppresses Activator Protein-1 through c-Jun NH2-Terminal KinaseWong, BCY; Jiang, XH; Lin, MCM; Tu, SP; Cui, JT; Jiang, SH; Wong, WM; Yuen, MF; Lam, SK; Kung, HF2004119
Decreased Anxiety, Altered Place Learning, and Increased CA1 Basal Excitatory Synaptic Transmission in Mice with Conditional Ablation of the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule L1Law, JWS; Lee, AYW; Sun, M; Nikonenko, AG; Chung, SK; Dityatev, A; Schachner, M; Morellini, F2003144
Deleted in liver cancer (DLC) 2 encodes a RhoGAP protein with growth suppressor function and is underexpressed in hepatocellular carcinomaChing, YP; Wong, CM; Chan, SF; Leung, THY; Ng, DCH; Jin, DY; Ng, IOL200398
Deletion of aldose reductase leads to protection against cerebral ischemic injuryLo, ACY; Cheung, AKH; Hung, VKL; Yeung, CM; He, QY; Chiu, JF; Chung, SSM; Chung, SK2007149
Delivery of bone morphogenetic proteins 2 anad 4 by use of adeno-associated viral gene therapyCheung, KMC; Chen, Y; Luk, KDK; Xu, R; Lin, MC; Lu, WW; Leong, JCY; Kung, H200382
Design, synthesis, and evaluation of a new class of noncyclic 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds as PPARa selective activatorsLi, Z; Liao, C; Ko, CB; Shan, S; Tong, HY; Yin, Z; Pan, D; Wong, KW; Shi, L; Ning, ZQ; Hu, W; Zhou, J; Chung, SSM; Lu, XP2004128
Detection and Identification of Tumor-Associated Protein Variants in Human Hepatocellular CarcinomasZeindlEberhart, E; Haraida, S; Liebmann, S; Jungblut, PR; Lamer, S; Mayer, D; Jäger, G; Chung, S; Rabes, HM2004111
Development of novel therapies for liver cancerLin, MC200467
Diabetic nephropathy is associated with the 5′-end dinucleotide repeat polymorphism of the aldose reductase gene in Chinese subjects with Type 2 diabetesLiu, YF; Wat, NMS; Chung, SSM; Ko, BCB; Lam, KSL200292
Diabetic nephropathy is associated with the Z-2 microstatellite allele of the aldose reductase gene in Chinese subjects with Type 2 diabetes.Liu, YF; Wat, NMS; Chung, SSM; Lam, KSL200059
Differential effects of intravitreal optic nerve and sciatic nerve grafts on the survival of retinal ganglion cells and the regeneration of their axonsCho, KS; Chung, SK; Yip, HK; So, KF2001111
Down-regulation of mouse aldose reductase mRNA in the Schwann cells but not in the endothelial cell of sciatic nerve by hyperglycemiaFu, DTW; Lee, AYW; Lin, CXF; Chung, SSM; Chung, SK199674
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