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The 21st century: the age of family medicine research?Lam, CL2004533
An 8 year-old-boy with fever, severe bilateral calf pain and toe-walkingChen, JY2011353
Academic family medicine-redefining academicLam, CLK2010147
Acceptability Study of Sex Workers Attending the HIV/ AIDS Clinic in Ruili, ChinaWong, WCW2003225
Acceptance of human papillomavirus vaccination among first year female university students in Hong KongWong, WCW; Fong, B; Chan, PKS2009214
Adaptation of an internet-based depression prevention intervention for Chinese adolescents: from "CATCH-IT" to "grasp the opportunity"Sobowale, K; Zhou, N; Van Voorhees, BW; Stewart, S; Tsang, AMC; Ip, P; Fabrizio, C; Wong, KL; Chim, D201340
Adolescent drug addiction: Suggestions for the primary care physicianChim, D200985
Advanced clinical skills and physical diagnosisLam, CLK200073
The all-powerful and 'happy' drug: The use of steroids among primary care doctors in Hong KongWong, WCW; You, JHS2006108
Antibiotic use: do parents act differently for their children?Lam, TP; Lam, KF; Wun, YT; Sun, KS201239
Antibiotic wastage costs in Hong KongLam, KF; Lam, TP2002252
Anxiety but not depression determines health care-seeking behaviour in Chinese patients with dyspepsia and irritable bowel syndrome: A population-based studyHu, WHC; Wong, WM; Lam, CLK; Lam, KF; Hui, WM; Lai, KC; Xia, HXH; Lam, SK; Wong, BCY2002193
Approach to a lump in the breast: A regional perspectiveCheung, KL; Lam, TP2005127
Are Chinese men less susceptible to anxiety and depression?. A community-based cross-sectional survey from Hong KongWong, WCW; WingKing, L; Shun Tung, BL2006237
Are post-menopausal women "half-a-man"?: Sexual beliefs, attitudes and concerns among midlife Chinese womenLing, DCY; Wong, WCW; Ho, SC2008133
Art-mediated peer-to-peer learning of empathyPotash, JS; Chen, JY201330
Asia Pacific Family Medicine: the rebirth of a not-so-young childLam, TP; Clearihan, L; Leopando, Z200868
Assessing self-efficacy behaviour of type 2 diabetes mellitus in primary careWong, CKH; Lam, CLK; Lo, YYC; Siu, SC; Wong, KW2011211
Assessment - We don't like it but we cannot do without itLam, CLK2007104
The association of early infections and atopic dermatitis. A retrospective case-control study in Chinese children in primary care in Hong KongLee, A; Chuh, A; Wong, W2006189
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