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Hierarchical porous materials made by drying complex suspensionsStudart, AR; Studer, J; Xu, L; Yoon, K; Shum, HC; Weitz, DA2011122
A hierarchical representation for heterogeneous object modelingKou, XY; Tan, ST2005119
Hierarchical structure to winged-edge structure: a conversion algorithmChan, KC; Tan, ST198877
High activity Ziegler-Natta catalyst made from Mg powderSan, X; Li, S; Wei, G; Liu, F; Jin, C2006241
High dynamic range organic temperature sensorREN, X; Chan, KL; Lu, JB; Huang, BL; Leung, DCW201332
High fidelity knowledge systemsSoh, CK; Soh, AK; Lai, KY199373
High performance self-organized InGaAs quantum dot lasers on siliconMi, Z; Yang, J; Bhattacharya, P; Chan, PKL; Pipe, KP200674
A high precision element with a central circular holeSoh, AK; Long, ZF199960
High sensitivity 2β decay study of 116Cd and 100Mo with the BOREXINO counting test facility (CAMEO project)Bellini, G; Caccianiga, B; Chen, M; Danevich, FA; Giammarchi, MG; Kobychev, VV; Kropivyansky, BN; Meroni, E; Miramonti, L; Nikolayko, AS; Oberauer, L; Ponkratenko, OA; Tretyak, VI; Zdesenko, SYu; Zdesenko, YuG2001150
A high-efficiency rough milling strategy for mould core machiningChan, KW; Chiu, WK; Tan, ST; Wong, TN200398
High-performance flat-panel solar thermoelectric generators with high thermal concentrationKraemer, D; Poudel, B; Feng, HP; Caylor, JC; Yu, B; Yan, X; Ma, Y; Wang, X; Wang, D; Muto, A; McEnaney, K; Chiesa, M; Ren, Z; Chen, G2011312
High-precision large deflection measurements of thin films using time sequence speckle pattern interferometryLi, X; Soh, AK; Deng, B; Guo, X200288
High-temperature Fatigue of a Gas-Pressure-Sintered Silicon NitrideWang, M; Li, M; Bushby, AJ; Guiu, F; Reece, MJ; Sammur, MFR1996136
Highly facetted metallic zinc nanocrystals fabricated by thermal evaporationNg, KY; Muley, A; Chan, YF; Ng, ACM; Djurišić, AB; Ngan, AHW2006269
Holo-extraction of information from paper drawings for 3D reconstructionChen, KZ; Zhang, XW; Ou, ZY; Feng, XA2002156
Homoclinic and heteroclinic solutions of cubic strongly nonlinear autonomous oscillators by hyperbolic Lindstedt-Poincaré methodChen, S; Chen, Y; Sze, KY201088
Homogenization theory applied to soil vapor extraction in aggregated soilsNg, CO; Mei, CC199647
Homogenous rolling and texture modelling in cold rolled low Carbon steelDuggan, BJ; Liu, GL200074
Hot spot stresses of tubular joints subjected to combined loadingsSoh, AiKah; Soh, CheeKiong199356
'Hot spot' stresses of K tubular joints subjected to combined loadingsSoh, AK; Chee Kiong Soh199349
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