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Professor Mike
  • Head, Department of Anaesthesiology
  • Professor
  • Clinical Professor
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 17124614 599535 The role of FoxO1 in diabetic heart susceptibility to ischemia/reperfusion injury and sensitivity to ischemic postconditioning and its interplay with adiponectin 2014/2015
2 01122176 792840 Comparison of oral chloral hydrate and intranasal dexmedetomidine for sedation in children undergoing computerised tomography in Queen Mary Hospital 2013/2014
3 HKU 763411M 750000 The role of astrocytic ET-1 in neuropathic pain: A study using astrocytic specific ET-1 over-expressing mice (GET-1) 2011/2012
4 HKU 784011M 1010000 Effects of Adiponectin on Diabetic Heart Sensitivity to Ischemic Postconditioning: Role of STAT-3 activation 2011/2012
5 HKU 782910M 979855 The role of iNOS in ischemic postconditioning cardioprotection in normal and diabetic rodents 2010/2011
6 HKU 781109M 789890 Synergy between N-acetylcysteine, allopurinol and/or PKC-beta inhibition attenuates diabetic cardiomyopathy in the rat 2009/2010
7 TRAS-07-03 (01/13/101) 25000 The cardiac preconditioning effect of surgery patients 2007/2008
8 0 Study the spread of aerosol during tracheostomy or intubation 2002/2003
9 0 Response to moderately suprathreshold unilateral (UL) electroconvulsive therapy (ECT): an examination of possible predictors 2001/2002
10 0 Prophynacpl treatment of puritus with ondansetron 2000/2001
11 0 A comparison of patient controlled sedation with patient maintained computer controlled sedation 1999/2000
12 822002 98990 The knowledge and attitudes of nurses and interns regarding acute pain and post-operative pain control 1998/1999
13 0 Dual oximetry in oesophagectomy patients 1991/1992
14 0 The interactions between opioid and [gamma] hydroxy-butyrate systems 1991/1992
15 0 The effect of premedication on the oxygen saturation of children undergoing elective surgery 1991/1992



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