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Resveratrol Inhibits the TRIF-Dependent Pathway by Upregulating Sterile Alpha and Armadillo Motif Protein, Contributing to Anti-Inflammatory Effects after Respiratory Syncytial Virus InfectionLiu, T; Zang, N; Zhou, N; Li, W; Xie, X; Deng, Y; Ren, L; Long, X; Li, S; Zhou, L; Zhao, X; Tu, W; Wang, L; Tan, B; Liu, E201430
Adaptation of an internet-based depression prevention intervention for Chinese adolescents: from "CATCH-IT" to "grasp the opportunity"Sobowale, K; Zhou, N; Van Voorhees, BW; Stewart, S; Tsang, AMC; Ip, P; Fabrizio, C; Wong, KL; Chim, D201340
The Chinese classroom paradox: A cross-cultural comparison of teacher controlling behaviorsZhou, N; Lam, SF; Chan, KC201246
Melamine-tainted milk product-associated urinary stones in childrenWang, Z; Luo, H; Tu, W; Yang, H; Wong, WHS; Wong, WT; Yung, KF; Zhou, N; Zhang, J; Li, X; Wang, Z; Guo, W; Mu, D; Li, F; Mao, M; Lau, YL2011214
Strontium-borosilicate-co-effects to stimulate bone regenerationShen, Y; Zhang, K; Pan, H; Lu, WW; Zheng, Z; Wang, D; Deng, L; Zhou, N; Huang, W2011138
Solving the Chinese classroom paradox: a cross-cultural comparison on teacher's controlling behaviorsZhou, N; Lam, SF; Chan, KC2010178
Harmonizing conflict in husband-wife purchase decision making: Perceived fairness and spousal influence dynamicsSu, C; Zhou, KZ; Zhou, N; Li, JJ200850
Understanding the Role of Spousal Fairness in Predicting Spousal Influence DynamicsSu, C; Zhou, KZ; Zhou, N; Li, JJ2008292
Market orientation, job satisfaction, product quality, and firm performance: Evidence from ChinaZhou, KZ; Li, JJ; Zhou, N; Su, C2008343
Social alienation in a transitional economy: Antecedents and impact on attitude toward social reformBao, Y; Zheng Zhou, K; Zhou, N2006254
Developing strategic orientation in China: Antecedents and consequences of market and innovation orientationsZhou, KZ; Gao, GY; Yang, Z; Zhou, N2005146
Development and validation of an instrument to measure user perceived service quality of information presenting Web portalsYang, Z; Cai, S; Zhou, Z; Zhou, N2005113
Employee's Perceptions of Market Orientation in a Transitional Economy: China as an ExampleZhou, KZ; Li, J; Zhou, N2004106
Employee's perceptions of market orientation in a transitional economy: China as an exampleZhou, KZ; Li, JJ; Zhou, N2004135
Does human resource management matter in a transitional economy? China as an exampleLaw, KS; Tse, DK; Zhou, N2003592
Molecular changes associated with the transmission of avian influenza A H5N1 and H9N2 viruses to humansShaw, M; Cooper, L; Xu, X; Thompson, W; Krauss, S; Guan, Y; Zhou, N; Klimov, A; Cox, N; Webster, R; Lim, W; Shortridge, K; Subbarao, K2002151
Institutional forces and organizational culture in China: Effects on change schemas, firm commitment and job satisfactionLau, CM; Tse, DK; Zhou, N2002752
Housing Choice Behavior of Urban Workers in China's Transition to a Housing MarketFu, Y; Tse, DK; Zhou, N200050
Institutional effects and change schemes of firms in transitional economiesTse, DKC; Lau, CM; Zhou, N199977
Does human resource management matter in an emerging economy? The example of the PRCTse, DKC; Law, KS; Zhou, N1999109
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