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The clinical features of chinese children with von willebrand disease: The experience of a tertiary instituteZhang, ZQ; Chan, GCF; Lam, CCK; So, JCC; Cheuk, DKL; Chiang, AKS; Ha, SY2011353
Efficient second harmonic generation from large band gap II-VI semiconductor photonic crystalYang, H; Xie, P; Chan, SK; Zhang, ZQ; Sou, IK; Wong, GKL; Wong, KS200566
Te antisite incorporation in Zn S1-x Tex thin filmsChan, SK; Liu, HJ; Chan, CT; Zhang, ZQ; Ge, WK; Sou, IK200564
On time-reversibility of multivariate linear processesTong, HW; Zhang, ZQ2005300
Synthesis, characterization and structural diversity of lanthanide chlorides supported by the β-diketiminate ligand [{(2,6-Me2C6H3)NC(Me)}2CH]−Zhang, ZQ; Yao, YM; Zhang, Y; Shen, Q; Wong, WT2004104
Specific TATAA and bZIP requirements suggest that HTLV-I Tax has transcriptional activity subsequent to the assembly of an initiation complexChing, YP; Chun, ACS; Chin, KT; Zhang, ZQ; Jeang, KT; Jin, DY2004376
Yeast two-hybrid screening for new binding partners of CIKSHuang, GJ; Zhang, ZQ; Yao, LH; Chen, AJ; Xu, CX; Zju, HJ; Chai, YS; Yan, XR; Jin, D2003127
Stimulation of IKK-γ oligomerization by the human T-cell leukemia virus oncoprotein TaxHuang, GJ; Zhang, ZQ; Jin, DY200280
Oral and maxillofacial surgery in Hong Kong (II): specialty training, clinical activity and researchCheung, LK; Zhang, ZQ; Samman, N; Tideman, H1999166
Evaluation of the purity of recombinant proteins and detection of residual protein contaminants via N-terminal microsequencing and database searching.Jin, DY; Zhang, ZQ; Zhou, YA; Hou, YD199187
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