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Tissue-based environmental quality benchmarks and standardsMeador, JP; Warne, MSJ; Chapman, PM; Chan, KM; Yu, S; Leung, KMY201323
An efficient deadlock prevention approach for service oriented transaction processingTang, F; You, I; Yu, S; Wang, CL; Guo, M; Liu, W2012177
Capsule endoscopy or angiography in patients with acute overt obscure gastrointestinal bleeding: a prospective randomized study with long-term follow-upLeung, WK; Ho, SSM; Suen, BY; Lai, LH; Yu, S; Ng, EKW; Ng, SSM; Chiu, PWY; Sung, JJY; Chan, FKL; Lau, JYW201231
Early growth response protein-1 promoter-mediated synergistic antitumor effect of hTERTC27 gene therapy and 5-flurorouracil on nasopharyngeal carcinomaLin, G; Lin, MCM; Lin, S; Yao, H; Yu, S; Yi, W; Xu, G; Ng, SSM; Chen, S; Yu, J; Wang, X; Yang, B2012113
TRAPPC9 mediates the interaction between p150 glued and COPII vesicles at the target membraneZong, M; Satoh, A; Yu, MK; Siu, KY; Ng, WY; Chan, HC; Tanner, JA; Yu, S2012161
Decline in hepatitis B surface antigen levels with entecavir treatment in HBeAg-positive nucleoside naive chronic hepatitis B patients-results from phase III study ETV-022Gish, R; Chang, TT; Lai, CL; De Man, RA; Gadano, A; Yu, S; Llamoso, C; Tang, H201271
Human beta-defensin-3 (hBD-3) upregulated by LPS via epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) signaling pathways to enhance lymphatic invasion of oral squamous cell carcinomaYu, S; Wang, F; Tang, J; Huang, HZ; Wang, HY; Ma, PP; Zheng, L; Zwahlen, RA; Yang, HY2011115
B7-H3 and 4-1BBL cooperatively enhance the antitumor response of CD8 T cells in oral cancerYu, S; Tang, J; Wang, F; Huang, H; Wang, H; Ma, P; Zheng, L; Zwahlen, RA; Yang, H2011191
The adaptor function of TRAPPC2 in mammalian trapps explains TRAPPC2-associated sedt and TRAPPC9-associated congenital intellectual disabilityZong, M; Wu, Xg; Chan, CWL; Choi, MY; Chan, HC; Tanner, JA; Yu, S2011207
Long term follow up of patients with overt obscure gatrointestinal bleeding randomized to capsule endoscropy or angiogramLeung, WK; Ho, SSM; Suen, BY; Yu, S; Lai, LH; Ng, EKW; Sung, JJY; Chan, FKL; Lau, JYW201198
Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome with posterior leucoencephalopathy after oral contraceptive pillsSoo, Y; Singhal, AB; Leung, T; Yu, S; Mak, H; Hao, Q; Leung, H; Lam, W; Wong, LKS2010114
Impact of hospital accreditation on quality of care: perceptions of senior hospital management staffJohnston, JM; Ngai, JLC; Yu, S201073
Determination of Anand parameters for SnAgCuCe solderZhang, L; Xue, S; Gao, L; Zeng, G; Sheng, Z; Chen, Y; Yu, S2009180
Mechanisms of treatment of cancer pain with a topical Chinese herbal formula in ratsYu, S; Peng, HD; Ju, DW; Wei, PK; Xu, L; Lao, LX; Li, J200925
Effects of cerium on microstructure and properties of SnAgCu soldersZhang, L; Xue, S; Zeng, G; Gao, L; Chen, Y; Sheng, Z; Yu, S2009173
Application of the community engagement model to the identification of mental health service needs of Chinese elders in the UKChau, R; Yu, S; Tran, L2009161
Orphan nuclear receptor estrogen-related receptor-β suppresses in vitro and in vivo growth of prostate cancer cells via p21WAF1/CIP1 induction and as a potential therapeutic target in prostate cancerYu, S; Wong, YC; Wang, XH; Ling, MT; Ng, CF; Chen, S; Chan, FL200898
Synthesis and biological evaluation of 1,3,3,4-tetrasubstituted pyrrolidine CCR5 receptor antagonists. Discovery of a potent and orally bioavailable anti-HIV agentMa, D; Yu, S; Li, B; Chen, L; Chen, R; Yu, K; Zhang, L; Chen, Z; Zhong, D; Gong, Z; Wang, R; Jiang, H; Pei, G2007106
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