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Electronic structure of III-V zinc-blende semiconductors from first principlesWang, Y; Yin, H; Cao, R; Zahid, F; Zhu, Y; Liu, L; Wang, J; Guo, H201334
An empirical study on the interaction between EUA futures, coal, natural gas and electricityLu, W; Yin, H201276
Psychopathological, biological, and neuroimaging characterization of posttraumatic stress disorder in survivors of a severe coalmining disaster in ChinaWang, HH; Zhang, ZJ; Tan, QR; Yin, H; Chen, YC; Wang, HN; Zhang, RG; Wang, ZZ; Guo, L; Tang, LH; Li, LJ2010145
Urban traffic flow prediction using a fuzzy-neural approachYin, H; Wong, SC; Xu, J; Wong, CK2002187
Aggressive AngiomyxomaYin, H; Khoo, US; Chen, LZ; Cheung, ANY199963
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