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Serotonin enhanced megakaryopoiesis, proplatelet formation and stimulated thrombopoietin release from human mesenchymal stem cellsYe, JY; Chan, GCF; Yang, M2011256
Astragaloside IV enhanced haematopoiesis via the EGFR-MEK-EKR1/2 signalling pathwayDeng, RX; Chan, GCF; Shen, JG; Ye, JY; Ma, M; Chen, JL; Liu, C; Dee, CM; Yang, M2011334
Mesenchymal stromal cells may enhance metastasis of neuroblastoma via SDF-1/CXCR4 and SDF-1/CXCR7 signalingMa, M; Ye, JY; Deng, R; Dee, CM; Chan, GCF2011712
Circulating CD133 +VEGFR2 + and CD34 +VEGFR2 + cells and arterial function in patients with beta-thalassaemia majorCheung, YF; Chan, S; Yang, M; Ye, JY; Ha, SY; Wong, SJ; Chan, GCF2011269
Mesenchymal stem cells enhanced metastasis of neuroblastoma via SDF-1/CX CR4 and SDF-1/CXCR7 signalling.Ma, M; Ye, JY; Deng, RX; Dee, CM; Chan, GCF201080
Serotonin enhances megakaryopoiesis and proplatelet formation and stimulates TPO released from mesenchymal stem cellsYe, JY; Chan, GCF; Yang, M2010124
Platelet-derived growth factor enhances platelet recovery in a murine model of radiation-induced thrombocytopenia and reduces apoptosis in megakaryocytes via its receptors and the PI3-k/Akt pathwayYe, JY; Chan, GCF; Qiao, L; Lian, Q; Meng, FY; Luo, XQ; Khachigian, LM; Ma, M; Deng, R; Chen, JL; Chong, BH; Yang, M2010130
An herbal decoction of Radix astragali and Radix angelicae sinensis promotes hematopoiesis and thrombopoiesisYang, M; Chan, GCF; Deng, R; Ng, MH; Cheng, SW; Lau, CP; Ye, JY; Wang, L; Liu, C2009437
Effects of Danggui and its component ferulic acid on haematopoiesis and platelet productionDeng, RX; Ye, JY; Liu, CC; Chan, GCF; Chen, JL; Shen, JG; Yang, M2009162
Human cytomegalovirus inhibited megakaryocytic differentiation, maturation and induced apoptosis in vitroChen, JL; Chan, GCF; Ye, JY; He, ZX; Wang, QW; Pan, SN; Li, XF; Deng, RX; Yang, M2009118
Effects of Serotonin on Proplatelet Formation and F-actin Reorganization in Human MegakaryocytesCheng, YS; Liu, YS; Chan, GCF; Ye, JY; Lau, YL; Yang, M200779
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