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Immediate expression of Cdh2 is essential for efficient neural differentiation of mouse induced pluripotent stem cellsSu, H; Wang, L; Huang, W; Qin, D; Cai, J; Yao, X; Feng, C; Li, Z; Wang, Y; So, KF; Pan, G; Wu, W; Pei, D201350
Chronic cranberry juice consumption restores cholesterol profiles and improves endothelial function in ovariectomized ratsYung, LM; Tian, XY; Wong, WT; Leung, FP; Yung, LH; Chen, ZY; Lau, CW; Vanhoutte, PM; Yao, X; Huang, Y201381
Calcitriol restores renovascular function in estrogen-deficient rats through downregulation of cyclooxygenase-2 and the thromboxane-prostanoid receptorDong, J; Wong, SL; Lau, CW; Liu, J; Wang, Y; He, ZD; Ng, CF; Chen, ZY; Yao, X; Xu, A; Ni, X; Wang, H; Huang, Y201334
Transplanted motoneurons derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells form functional connections with target muscleSu, H; Wang, L; Cai, J; Yuan, Q; Yang, X; Yao, X; Wong, WM; Huang, W; Li, Z; Wan, JB; Wang, Y; Pei, D; So, KF; Qin, D; Wu, W201358
Uncoupling Protein-2 Mediates DPP-4 Inhibitor-Induced Restoration of Endothelial Function in Hypertension through Reducing Oxidative Stress.Liu, L; Liu, J; Tian, XY; Wong, WT; Lau, CW; Xu, A; Xu, G; Ng, CF; Yao, X; Gao, Y; Huang, Y201316
Rising epidemic of HIV-1 infections among general populations in Fujian, ChinaYao, X; Wang, H; Yan, P; Lu, Y; Lin, H; Chen, L; Ng, J; Lau, E; Liu, L; Wu, J; Chen, Z2012144
Uncoupling protein-2 protects endothelial function in diet-induced obese miceTian, XY; Wong, WT; Xu, A; Lu, Y; Zhang, Y; Wang, L; Cheang, WS; Wang, Y; Yao, X; Huang, Y2012105
Raloxifene improves vascular reactivity in pressurized septal coronary arteries of ovariectomized hamsters fed cholesterol dietChan, YC; Leung, FP; Tian, XY; Yung, LM; Lau, CW; Chen, ZY; Yao, X; Laher, I; Huang, Y2012120
Oxidative stress-dependent cyclooxygenase-2-derived prostaglandin F2α impairs endothelial function in renovascular hypertensive ratsTian, XY; Wong, WT; Leung, FP; Zhang, Y; Wang, YX; Lee, HK; Ng, CF; Chen, ZY; Yao, X; Au, CL; Lau, CW; Vanhoutte, PM; Cooke, JP; Huang, Y2012166
From Skeleton to Cytoskeleton: Osteocalcin Transforms Vascular Fibroblasts to Myofibroblasts Via Angiotensin II and Toll-Like Receptor 4Yuen, CY; Wong, SL; Lau, CW; Tsang, SY; Xu, A; Zhu, Z; Ng, CF; Yao, X; Kong, SK; Lee, HK; Huang, Y2012100
Role of TRPM2 in H2O2-induced cell apoptosis in endothelial cellsSun, L; Yau, HY; Wong, MY; Li, RA; Huang, Y; Yao, X2012163
Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitor Sitagliptin Protects Endothelial Function in Hypertension through GLP-1 Dependent MechanismLiu, L; Liu, J; Wong, WT; Tian, XY; Lau, CW; Wang, YX; Xu, G; Pu, Y; Zhu, Z; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Chen, ZY; Ng, CF; Yao, X; Huang, Y201274
Rising epidemic of HIV-1 infections among general populations in Fujian, ChinaWang, H; Yao, X; Yan, P; Chen, Z201223
A synthetic chloride channel restores chloride conductance in human cystic fibrosis epithelial cellsShen, B; Li, X; Wang, F; Yao, X; Yang, D2012386
PLK1 phosphorylates mitotic centromere-associated kinesin and promotes its depolymerase activityZhang, L; Shao, H; Huang, Y; Yan, F; Chu, Y; Hou, H; Zhu, M; Fu, C; Aikhionbare, F; Fang, G; Ding, X; Yao, X2011148
Robust guaranteed cost control of discrete-time networked control systemsWu, L; Lam, J; Yao, X; Xiong, J2011277
Rosuvastatin improves endothelial function in db/db mice: Role of angiotensin II type 1 receptors and oxidative stressTian, XY; Wong, WT; Xu, A; Chen, ZY; Lu, Y; Liu, LM; Lee, VW; Lau, CW; Yao, X; Huang, Y2011272
Pivotal role of protein kinase Cδ in angiotensin II-induced endothelial cyclooxygenase-2 expression: A link to vascular inflammationWong, SL; Lau, CW; Wong, WT; Xu, A; Au, CL; Ng, CF; Ng, SSM; Gollasch, M; Yao, X; Huang, Y2011252
Physiology and cell biology of acupuncture observed in calcium signaling activated by acoustic shear waveLi, G; Liang, JM; Li, PW; Yao, X; Pei, PZ; Li, W; He, QH; Yang, X; Chan, QCC; Cheung, PYS; Ma, QY; Lam, SK; Cheng, PYC; Yang, ES2011265
Physalins A and B inhibit androgen-independent prostate cancer cell growth through activation of cell apoptosis and downregulation of androgen receptor expressionHan, H; Qiu, L; Wang, X; Qiu, F; Wong, Y; Yao, X201189
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