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Optical signature of symmetry variations and spin-valley coupling in atomically thin tungsten dichalcogenidesZeng, H; Liu, G; Dai, J; Yan, YJ; Zhu, B; He, R; Xie, L; Xu, S; Yao, W; Cui, X; Chen, XH201363
Regulation of Nur77 expression by β-catenin and its mitogenic effect in colon cancer cellsWu, H; Lin, Y; Li, W; Sun, Z; Gao, W; Zhang, H; Xie, L; Jiang, F; Qin, B; Yan, T; Chen, L; Zhao, Y; Cao, X; Wu, Y; Lin, B; Zhou, H; Wong, AST; Zhang, XK; Zeng, JZ2011195
Detrital zircon ages and Hf isotopes of the early Paleozoic flysch sequence in the Chinese Altai, NW China: New constrains on depositional age, provenance and tectonic evolutionLong, X; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Xiao, W; Zhao, G; Wang, Y; Cai, K; Xia, X; Xie, L2010746
Detection of human novel influenza A (H1N1) viruses using multi-fluorescent real-time RT-PCRDong, H; Zhang, Y; Xiong, H; Yan, A; Ding, G; Chen, Y; Xie, L; Chen, J; Zhang, G; Hao, P; Cong, L; Lu, Y; Che, X; Wang, X; Li, Y; Yuen, KY; Zhao, G; Jin, W2010227
An improvement on Marotto's theorem and its applications to chaotification of switching systemsZhao, Y; Xie, L; Yiu, KFC200994
Evaluation of a Newly Developed GenoArray HPV Genotyping AssayLiu, S; Leung, CY; Cheung, ANY; Xie, L; Zhang, X; Ngan, HYS2009103
U-Pb and Hf isotopic study of detrital zircons from the Lüliang khondalite, North China Craton, and their tectonic implicationsXia, X; Sun, M; Zhao, G; Wu, F; Xie, L2009127
Salvianolic acid B inhibits Aβ fibril formation and disaggregates preformed fibrils and protects against Aβ-induced cytotoxictyDurairajan, SSK; Yuan, Q; Xie, L; Chan, WS; Kum, WF; Koo, I; Liu, C; Song, Y; Huang, JD; Klein, WL; Li, M2008151
Development and calibration of finite element models for structural health monitoring of Ting Kau Bridge, Invited LectureAu, FTK; Jiang, R; Leung, CCY; Xie, L; Lee, PKK; Wong, KY; Chan, WY2007127
New approach to mixed H2/H∞ filtering for polytopic discrete-time systemsGao, H; Lam, J; Xie, L; Wang, C2005454
Robust observer design for non-linear interconnected systems using structural characteristicsYan, XG; Lam, J; Xie, L200370
Optimal routing algorithm for shuffle-exchange networksChen, GH; Lau, FCM; Gu, Q; Xie, L2001163
A distance-vector routing protocol for networks with unidirectional linksLau, FCM; Chen, G; Huang, H; Xie, L2000105
CTSN: A New Fault-Tolerant NetworkChen, G; Hu, N; Lau, FCM; Xie, L200091
A Routing Protocol for Unidirectional NetworksChen, G; Huang, H; Xie, L; Lau, FCM199992
Layout of the Cube-Connected Cycles without Long WiresChen, G; Lau, FCM; Xie, L199995
Convergent algorithms for frequency weighted L 2 model reductionYan, WY; Xie, L; Lam, J199755
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