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Overexpression of EIF-5A2 is associated with metastasis of human colorectal carcinomaXie, D; Ma, NF; Pan, ZZ; Wu, HX; Liu, YD; Wu, GQ; Kung, HF; Guan, XY2008110
SRC-3/AIB1 protein and gene amplification levels in human esophageal squamous cell carcinomasXu, FP; Xie, D; Wen, JM; Wu, HX; Liu, YD; Bi, J; Lv, ZL; Zeng, YX; Guan, XY2007112
Oncogenic role of clusterin overexpression in multistage colorectal tumorigenesis and progressionXie, D; Sham, JST; Zeng, WF; Che, LH; Zhang, M; Wu, HX; Lin, HL; Wen, JM; Lau, SH; Hu, L; Guan, XY2005164
AmaranthCai, Y; Corke, H; Wu, HX2003242
Heterogeneous expression and association of β-catenin, p16 and c-myc in multistage colorectal tumorigenesis and progression detected by tissue microarrayXie, D; Sham, JST; Zeng, WF; Lin, HL; Che, LH; Wu, HX; Wen, JM; Fang, Y; Hu, L; Guan, XY2003169
Buckwheat: an ideal crop for health foodWu, HX; Corke, H; Cai, YZ; Huang, RH1995107
Genetic resources in relation to food product development using grain Amaranthus.Corke, H; Sun, M; Wu, HX1994119
Pasting properties of Amaranthus starch and flourWu, HX; Corke, H1994155
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