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Cyclic ADP-ribose links metabolism to multiple fission in the dinoflagellate Crypthecodinium cohniiLam, CMC; Yeung, PKK; Lee, HC; Wong, JTY2009145
An unusual S-adenosylmethionine synthetase gene from dinoflagellate is methylatedHo, P; Kong, KF; Chan, YH; Tsang, JSH; Wong, JTY2007242
Alveolata histone-like proteins have different evolutionary originsChan, YH; Kwok, ACM; Tsang, JSH; Wong, JTY2006184
A Neuromuscular Junction-like Calcium Release Mechanism In A Unicellular OrganismYeung, PKK; Lam, CMC; Shiu, SYW; Wong, JTY2006110
Inhibition of malignant trophoblastic cell proliferation in vitro and in vivo by melatoninShiu, SYW; Xi, SC; Xu, JN; Mei, L; Pang, SF; Yao, KM; Wong, JTY2000161
Inhibition of hormone-/ growth factor-induced rise in cytosolic free calcium ([Ca2+]i) in human prostate cancer and choriocarcinoma cells by melatonin.Siu, WF; Fong, SW; Xi, S; Wong, JTY; Shiu, SYW200084
Effect of melatonin on the proliferation of rat corpus epididymal epithelial cellsLi, L; Wong, JTY; Pang, SF; Shiu, SYW199964
Melatonin-induced stimulation of rat corpus epididymal epithelial cell proliferationLi, L; Wong, JTY; Pang, SF; Shiu, SYW1999112
Melatonin-induced inhibition of proliferation and G 1/S cell cycle transition delay of human choriocarcinoma JAr cells: Possible involvement of MT 2 (MEL(1B)) receptorShiu, SYW; Li, L; Xu, JN; Pang, CS; Wong, JTY; Pang, SF199974
Molecular and cellular analyses of melatonin receptor-mediated cAMP signaling in rat corpus epididymisLi, L; Xu, JN; Wong, YH; Wong, JTY; Pang, SF; Shiu, SYW1998126
Effects of melatonin on cAMP in rat corpus epididymal epithelial cellsLi, L; Xu, JN; Wong, YH; Wong, JTY; Pang, SF; Shiu, SYW199885
Biology of G protein-coupled melatonin receptors in the epididymis and prostate of mammalsShiu, SYW; Li, L; Wong, JTY; Pang, SF199777
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