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Prevalence of and factors associated with psychiatric morbidity in chronic pain patientsHo, PT; Li, CF; Ng, YK; Tsui, SL; Ng, KFJ2011118
Opioids in chronic non-cancer painChan, BKB; Tam, LK; Wat, CY; Chung, YF; Tsui, SL; Cheung, CW2011170
Cancer painTsui, SL; Cheung, CW201072
Pain medicine: a multidisciplinary approachTsui, SL; Chen, PP; Ng, JKF2010130
An audit of postoperative intravenous patient-controlled analgesia with morphine: Evolution over the last decadeCheung, CW; Ying, CLA; Lee, LHY; Tsang, SF; Tsui, SL; Irwin, MG2009133
Psychiatric morbidity in patients suffering from chronic pain in Chinese populationsHo, PT; Li, CF; Ng, JKF; Tsui, SL200578
Delayed epidural catheter removal: the impact of postoperative coagulopathyTsui, SL; Yong, BH; Ng, KFJ; Yuen, TST; Li, CCF; Chui, KY2004201
Functional improvement after physiotherapy with a continuous infusion of local anaesthetics in patients with complex regional pain syndromeMak, PHK; Irwin, MG; Tsui, SL200381
Acute intraoperative hemolysis and hemoglobinuria during radiofrequency ablation of hepatocellular carcinomaTsui, SL; Lee, AKS; Lui, SK; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST200398
Therapy of chronic non-malignant pain with opioidsMak, PHK; Tsui, SL; Ng, KFJ200398
Long-term therapy of chronic non-malignant pain with potent opioids in an active police officerMak, PHK; Tsui, SL; Ng, KFJ2002131
Coagulopathy after donor-hepatectomy: implications for post-operative analgesia (Abstract)Yong, BH; Ng, KF; Tsui, SL; Lo, CM; Fan, ST; Chan, JKF200274
Neurolytic celiac plexus block for visceral abdominal malignancy: is prior diagnostic block warranted?Yuen, TST; Ng, KFJ; Tsui, SL2002169
Prevalence of common chronic pain in Hong Kong adultsNg, KFJ; Tsui, SL; Chan, WS2002129
Unidimensional pain rating scales: a multidimensional affect and pain survey (MAPS) analysis of what they really measureClark, WC; Yang, JC; Tsui, SL; Ng, KF; Clark, SB2002401
Coagulopathy after donor-hepatectomy: implications for postoperative analgesiaYong, BH; Ng, JKF; Tsui, SL; Lo, CM; Fan, ST; Chan, KFJ2001174
The epidemiology of pain in Hong Kong ChineseNg, JKF; Chan, WS; Tsui, SL; Man, JSF; Yang, JCS200074
Continuous plus patient-controlled brachial plexus infusion of Ropiracain for painfree physiotherapyMak, HKP; Tsui, SL; Ip, WY; Irwin, MG200083
Preoperative Multidimensional Affect and Pain Survey (MAPS) scores predict postcolectomy analgesia requirementYang, JC; Clark, WC; Tsui, SL; Ng, KF; Clark, SB200088
The safety of epidural analgesia in patients with postoperative coagulopathyTsui, SL; Yong, BH; Ng, JKF200083
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