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Lymphocytic infiltrate is associated with favorable biomarkers profile in HER2-overexpressing breast cancers and adverse biomarker profile in ER-positive breast cancersTsang, JYS; Hui, SW; Ni, YB; Chan, SK; Yamaguchi, R; Kwong, A; Law, KB; Tse, M201320
Evaluation of three commercially available influenza A type-specific blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for seroepidemiological studies of influenza A virus infection in pigsTse, M; Kim, M; Chan, CH; Ho, PL; Ma, SK; Guan, Y; Peiris, JSM201284
The impacts of yoga and aerobic exercise on neuro-cognition and brain structure in early psychosis - a preliminary analysis of the randomized controlled clinical trial.Chen, EYH; Lin, X; Lam, MLM; Chan, KW; Chang, WC; Joe, G; Wong, GHY; Chiu, CPY; Khong, PL; Honer, WG; Su, W; Chan, CLW; So, KF; Tse, M201286
The impacts of yoga and exercise on neuro-cognitive function and symptoms in early psychosisLin, J; Lam, M; Chiu, C; Tse, M; Khong, PL; Chan, C; So, KF; Chan, SKW; Chang, WC; Chen, E2011323
Do Unexpected Public bring New Information to the Real Estate Market?Chau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY; Tse, M; Pretorius, FIH; Auction, Land20106
A Term Structure of Commercial Real Estate Lease ReturnsPretorius, FIH; Tse, M; Chau, KW2005128
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